Optical Illusion T-Shirts Show Off The Body You Worked So Little For

We as human beings naturally all have an idea as to what the perfect body may be. For some, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to obtain and maintain it, and for others, it’s as easy as putting a shirt over their head. Imagine this; with just one pull of a shirt, you can now show off the body you worked so little for.

Japanese company ‘ekoD Works’ brings your dream to a reality, with their well-known “humorous art and design” that is sure to catch the attention of many. For Japanese designer Takayuki Fukuzawa, his mission is crystal clear: to make people smile. Graduating from Tokyo’s Nihon University, he began designing his own unique brand of products with a humorous twist, just shortly after being fully employed as a home designer. Noticing that he brought smiles to his exhibition attendees’ faces, he made it his initiative to establish his own company, with an aim to ensure those smiles were permanent.

ekoD Works most recognized set of pieces are the Mousou Mapping t-shirts, which uses mapping technology to create the convincing illusion of breasts, being situated on a grid, literally. The illusions are revealed and featured in a number of different ways, including zippers, fabric tears, eyelets, and a soaking wet cloth, which are certainly convincing. Viewers get the impression that they’re looking at a ‘busty chest’, with the illusion being evident regardless of who wears it, and what their chest size happens to be. If you weren’t already sold on this, the t-shirts are made with all-natural cotton, which is sure to be a comfortable fit for all.

The t-shirts are available online for $46 and come in a range of sizes, colors, and styles. For some, the styles feature minimal cleavage, and for others, they go even further, showing the entire bra blatantly. Regardless how you choose to wear it out, the shirts are certainly convincing and are sure to catch the eyes of many in the public as you walk the streets.  

The company’s creator sat down with Japan’s Excite News and said: “First and foremost, I had the idea that I want to present humor to my customers and in return receive smiles back. So essentially what I’m doing here is working as a professional clown!” Fukuzawa added “I work to produce items that will result in people saying to me ‘Oh, you made some new idiotic thing!’” In fact, the company name itself ‘ekoD Works’ translates to “buffoonery” or “clowning” when written backwards. The wordplay has become a theme of this brand, with much of the designer’s product line-up having double meanings.

The final product was not established overnight, having to endure criticism initially. Fukuzawa admits that when he showed his friends the shirts, they felt the breasts were lacking something, and needed to be more realistic. Going through several designs and experimentations, he finally discovered the key to making them as realistic as possible. “The contours of the lower breasts and the various shadows are important, but even more so is the deep ravine between them.” Perfecting his design, he released a set of shirts to showcase at design festivals and exhibitions around the country to get an idea of the public’s reaction to his idea. Having received much praise from men, he reveals he was nervous as to how women would react, but much to his surprise, they were the ones who ended up taking to the design the most.

The success of his designs has been a pleasant surprise for Fukuzawa, as he made his big break when his products reached online stores. He struck a deal with with pop culture specialists and retailers Village Vanguard, and they proved to be an instant hit, with the entire stock selling out in its first three days. Though it may not be for everyone, those who are looking to sport the illusion have a treat in their hands and are sure to flaunt it around with confidence.

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