Nurse Tries To Interfere As Steward Removes Distressed Woman From Seat, Touched By 3 Word Response

When you go on a flight, you expect your steward to treat you with the utmost respect. Apparently, these days, more and more airlines are getting a bad rep. Their passengers are complaining of being poorly treated by their stewards. Of course the media loves to dramatize these situations, but still. It happens.

Facebook user, Sharon Radcliffe was recently on a flight with Delta from Detroit to Nashville. She was in complete awe when a male flight attendant came up to an older woman who was fully shaking and removed her from her seat. Don’t worry guys, this is a positive story. The steward had no idea that another passenger, Sharon, was snapping pictures of the entire thing.

We sometimes tend to forget, but a flight attendant’s main purpose is to make sure passengers are safe. Yes, they serve you decent food and okay drinks, but really they’re there for safety. Sharon happens to be a nurse. She was fully aware that the elderly woman’s shakiness was due to Parkinson’s disease.

Though steward Jeffrey Jones was fully aware that the elderly passenger was having issues with balance, he still helped her after asking her to stand up and walk towards the front of the plane. This incredible human being couldn’t watch this poor woman struggle in coach when there was a ton of room in the VIP seating up front.

Sharon wrote on her Facebook page, “He noticed that a lady in coach class had Parkinson’s disease and without blinking an eye, he went to her and guided her-by the hand-to a free seat in first class! LIKE WHAT???…”

According to Jeffrey’s Facebook page, his own grandmothers was affected by Parkinson’s disease so he knew exactly what he was doing. On top of all that, Sharon noted that he was so calm, cool and collected and showed the woman a ton of compassion.

Sharon continued writing on her Facebook post, “For the ENTIRE flight I could see him checking on her, patting her back. Helping her get up, walking her up and down the aisle and generally “mother hen-ing” her”.

The nurse noted that for the entire flight, Jeffrey treated this stranger like she was his own grandmother. How inspiring. He ensured that he was close to her so he could keep a close eye on her and could easily help her if something were to go wrong. Very compassionate of him.

Because Sharon was an actual nurse, she did want to offer some help to Jeffrey. However, she notes in her post that after asking him if he needs some help, he proudly responded with three simple words: “I got this”. These words really touched Sharon’s heart.

She noted in her Facebook post, “When I got off the plane, this is what I told Jeffrey. “I am a nurse, and I am so impressed with how you took care of that lady. My mother is a very young 70 years old and is a newly diagnosed Parkinson’s patient. I hope one day someone treats her as well as you treated that lady!”

Clearly, not all flight attendants are as bad as the media tends to make them look. Jeffrey’s actions show that some airline staff actually care about the well being of their passengers. It also shows us that stepping out of our comfort zone to help those in need goes a long way.

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