Identical Twins Die In Tragic Murder-Suicide


Two twin brothers are dead from an apparent murder-suicide in southeastern Montana after officials found the body of 39-year-old Eric Carlson in his own home. Officials were looking for Eric after they suspected him to be responsible for the death of his twin brother, Travis Carlson, who was shot the day before.

Both men are from Canton. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in South Dakota has notified their family about what happened.

Authorities have not yet commented on a motive.

Officials are currently investigating the deaths of twin brothers Travis and Eric Carlson. The Department of Justice has said that Travis died of a gunshot wound late Thursday near Ekalaka.


Officials suspect his brother, Eric Carlson, to be responsible.


Travis Carlson was shot around 5:15 PM while at work on Tie Creek Road in rural Carter County. He was working as a custom fence builder when witnesses there say that there was an altercation between the brothers.

Identical Twins Die In Tragic Murder-Suicide

One of the workers there said that they saw ‘the tail end of it’ and ‘they just went to the house and got the landowners and they called me.’ An alert was then quickly issued for Eric Carlson.

Identical Twins Die In Tragic Murder-Suicide

According to a news release from the Montana Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation, police found Eric Carlson dead at his home the next morning due to an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.


A spokesman for the department, Anastasia Burton, said: ‘we don’t know a reason for why that stuff happens. You don’t know that and I don’t know that.’

Identical Twins Die In Tragic Murder-Suicide

He went on to say that the altercation was a ‘brother-family-type thing’ and that it was ‘nothing serious to the rest of the world.’

Identical Twins Die In Tragic Murder-Suicide

‘They’re identical twins. I wouldn’t think the family would prefer to do it any other way.’

Identical Twins Die In Tragic Murder-Suicide

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