16 Little-Known Tricks That Are Very Useful In Every Airport

16 Little-Known Tricks That Are Very Useful In Every Airport

In the exciting time of travelling, it can be met with obstacles and levels of concern before you ultimately reach your final destination. From the process of planning to pack, and even being at the airport itself, you will encounter things that you may find are making it a not so relaxing time for you.

With experience, you will learn what works and what doesn’t in your travel experience, and adjust accordingly. Although we can never exactly plan too perfectly, there are things that we can certainly do to ensure our travel experience is easier and more efficient. It is something that in time you can master, and will result in your travels becoming overall more enjoyable. After all, we are looking for a relaxing and easier time, and shouldn’t be faced with hurdles that we can definitely avoid.

Today, we explore 16 little-known tricks that are very useful in every airport, and for your time of travel. Even though there are things that happen along the way that is a little unpredictable, considering these travel tricks will undoubtedly expedite your travel process and experience and can be carried along with you in all of your future trip planning to come.

1. Use Travel Kits/Cubes To Conserve Space In Your Luggage
Packing is definitely a tricky part of the travel experience and should be prioritized in advance. You don’t want to be stuck last minute at home removing things from your luggage, or even worse, at the airport. Getting travel kits/cubes can help condense the space that your belongings will take, and help fit everything efficiently. From shower products to makeup, to clothes, this will give you a better idea of the space you’re working with before you start to cram everything into your luggage. It’s important to be cautious and considerate of weight as well, to avoid any overweight fees upon arrival.

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2. You Can Take Up To 3 Oz’s Of Liquid On Board, Including Alcohol
This is something that many people are confused about when considering what to bring with them on their flight. You are in fact allowed to bring 3 ozs of liquids on board with you, which includes water, juice, alcohol, or any other liquid. The volume will be calculated by employees when you arrive, so it’s important to be aware of how much you’re bringing ahead of time, to avoid confiscation. The one and only exception is baby food, which can be included in larger amounts, only if you travel with the child. It’s important to note that although alcohol is permitted, it is prohibited to be consumed while on the flight, as it can lead to potentially dangerous circumstances.

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3. Consider Late Night Flights For Easier Travel Experiences
Statistics show that during late-night flights, there are fewer passengers and fewer travellers with kids. Naturally, we’ve all had experiences with babies and children crying or making noise, that kept us from resting on flights. At night, flights are also less delayed, and your wait time in lines will be condensed. There is also a lower level of turbulence because the air is fresher at night and there is no sunshine either.

4. Choose Your Seat Ahead Of Time On Your Airline’s Website
Your airline’s website will always include a seating map, and though it may come at an extra cost to book in advance, it would be wise if you require special seating or have a certain preference. Emergency exit seats will have more leg space, as well as the seats at the very front or end of the aircraft. Children are also usually sat in the front, where flight attendants first begin their service of food and drinks. Additionally, the jolting is less in the middle of the airplane, and the seemingly endless line for the washroom is usually going on at the back of the plane if that is something that can potentially bother you.

5. Connecting Flights Give You Twice As Many Miles
Connecting flights is beneficial in a number of ways. Not only are they cheaper, but you are awarded more miles. Additionally, it’s a fantastic chance for you to get another stamp on your passport, and pass through a country that you may have never planned on going to. You may be pleasantly surprised! If your connecting time is longer than 8 hours, you can leave the airport and roam the new city ahead of you. Some airline companies will even offer you a free room in a hotel, as well as a city tour at the connecting destination. This is definitely something to consider when booking your flight!

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6. Wear Comfortable, Warm Clothing
Knowing what to wear on a given flight can be tricky. Whether you’re going somewhere hot or cold, it’s important to dress comfortably and layer. Although each individual reacts differently, passengers tend to feel colder when up in the air, and it’s best to plan ahead in case you’re feeling discomfort on your flight. You should wear comfortable shoes, as your feet may start to get sore, and you may want to remove your footwear. Comfort on a flight makes a world of a difference, and it’s crucial to be prepared in advance.

7. Prepare For Jet-Lag In Advance
Depending on where you’re flying to, there may or may not be a time zone difference, and you won’t experience jet lag. However, for many destinations, this is something that many travellers have suffered from, and it’s best to be prepared ahead of time for this. Check the local time of your destination to try to adjust your schedule accordingly before departing. It can be a tough time if you arrive in another time zone will little sleep, and are forced to navigate your way around. Sleeping on the plane can also be a tricky decision, so it’s important to consider travel time in this case. Also, you should avoid alcohol, coffee, tea, or other liquids with an energizing effect on you, because they can tamper with the resting time that you may wish to have.

8. Free Wi-Fi Can Be Found Anywhere At The Airport
In this day and age, most people try to connect to wi-fi in almost any building that they enter. Luckily for travellers, airports have terminal-wide wi-fi that you can enjoy before departure. This can help you pass the time as you wait to board your flight, and can be found almost anywhere at your local airport. Whether you want to browse social media or get work done on your laptop, you can enjoy the complimentary wi-fi and plug-in until you leave. Some airlines, even have app-based wi-fi services that allow you to tune into their entertainment platform, and enjoy what they have to offer during your flight.

9. Use A GPS-Tracker To Locate Your Luggage
Fortunately for modern-day travel, there are GPS-tracker apps that can be paired with luggage. You can even have a keychain attached to your luggage that has a built-in GPS, which will allow you to track your luggage if it gets misplaced or lost. This can be a very worrisome obstacle to face during your travels, and it’s important to try and prevent it at any cost. These trackers can be paired with apps that will allow you to follow your luggage’s location, and get all of your belongings back. Always also know your rights in terms of luggage loss or damage after it is claimed.

10. Look Out For Entertainment And Features At Your Airport
Always ask passengers and travellers around who may be able to direct you to entertainment and areas that you may not have known about at your airport. In some airports, they have their own museums, breweries, saunas, and child-play areas that can definitely be helpful for parents. You can even find mini theme parks, cinemas, swimming pools, and sights featured in certain airports, so it’s always best to know ahead of time, and save yourself from the boredom that most travellers experience while waiting!

11. Buy A Pass To The Lounge Zone If Spending Excess Time At The Airport
Lounge zones are available at most airports for travellers and aren’t very expensive either. There, you will find a less crowded waiting area, food and drink spots, internet connection, and resting spots with couches. Sometimes, you’ll even get a shower area and private rooms to sleep in, which are all included in your fee. This is a wonderful alternative for travellers who are going to wait in excess of 6 hours at the airport, who want to still rest and avoid spending extra money on food or a hotel for the night.

12. Check The “Lost And Found” For Free Headphones If You Forgot Yours
For many travellers, earphones and headphones are important because they allow them to plug into their chosen entertainment during their journey. In the unfortunate case of forgetting them, you may be in luck. People lose things all the time at the airport, and after three months of not being claimed, cheap items can be given to you for free at the discretion of employees. Things like headphones, chargers, and other little things can be potentially given to you and will save the day.

13. Be Careful Where You Eat At The Airport
Travelling can be very expensive as is, so if you can avoid spending too much at the airport, you should certainly try. It’s wise to check out reviews of local eating spots in and around the airport where you can get a cheaper alternative. Many people resort to what the airport itself has, because they aren’t aware of other options, and it is often overpriced. You can get a meal that will cost you the same price as a coffee at the Duty-Free, which will definitely save you money. You can even load up on snacks that you’re allowed to bring with you onboard, which is another great option.

14. Use Airport Assistance For Young Travelers, Disabled, And Elderly
Varying based on the airplane you’ve chosen, there is airport assistance available for those in need. Whether you’re a young traveller flying alone for the first time and need guidance, or an elder who requires boarding assistance, airports and airlines work hand in hand to assure that you are given the travel experience you deserve. Services from employees like medical help, feeding support, and other assistance are available to you and should be used if needed so you are taken care of accordingly.

15. Fly With A Pet If You’re Afraid Of Flying Alone
If you’re travelling alone for the first time, or have a fear of flying, you may be allowed to travel with your pet, if you have one. You can get special permission from your psychologist if you require your pet for support, and some European or American airlines will allow you this luxury. Depending on your airline, there may be a fee for this, but if it will help you overcome your fear and get you through your travel, it is definitely recommended. It’s important to verify the details of this option with your airline prior to arriving at the airport.

16. Check In Your Luggage Last, To Be The First To Receive It After Your Flight
Upon arrival at your destination, after all those hours of travel, the last thing we want to be doing is excessively waiting for our luggage. A trick to avoid this is checking in your luggage last, so it’s one of the first to come out of the conveyor when you arrive. Wrap a noticeable ribbon on your luggage to distinguish it from the others, or buy a bright and flashy-looking one so it can catch your eye. You can find yourself standing there for a long time waiting for luggage that looks similar to yours, and you can avoid that by preparing in advance to make it easier on yourself. 

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