25 Funny Pics That Show What Husbands Have To Go Through When Their Wives Are Pregnant

Women go through a lot when they get pregnant. Their hormones are going through ups and downs constantly and they crave different foods all the time. Due to women going through a hard time, their husbands do also.

They tend to not know the right things to do to make their wives feel better.

Below is a list of 25 funny pictures that show what husbands have to go through when their wives are pregnant.

1. She Found Her Target: This husband went to Target with his pregnant wife. What he observed was that his pregnant wife didn’t like the fact that Target moved around the candles. Like we said, a pregnant woman has a range of emotions and this husband found out first hand.

2. Husband of the Year: When a husband is in the house with a pregnant wife the best thing he can do is apologize whenever she gets mad. That’s why this husband wins husband of the year. He even made a cake for his wife. Take note other husbands who are living or may live in the future with a pregnant wife.

3. Stinky Breath: Pregnant wives become extremely honest and abrupt towards those closest to them. Yes, that means you, husbands. This husband found out first hand how honest wives can become. His wife told him that his breath smelt bad and to turn around. Always do what she says.

4. Help Your Wife Out: For all the pregnant wives out there, hopefully, you have a husband that does this for you. This wife was getting to the point of her pregnancy where she was unable to reach her toenails anymore. In order to help her out, her husband painted them for her.

5. Cravings: One of the most popular cravings amongst pregnant women is pickles. This husband was sent out to get his wife a big jar of pickles and secured it in place. This is a note for all of you husbands out there with pregnant wives. Always make sure your wives are given what they are craving.

6. Eating Everything: When this husband went to grab some of these delicious treats he was left only with a note. It turns out his pregnant wife ate all of the snacks and left nothing for her husband. Instead, she decided to give him a little note about how funny she thought the whole thing was. Though we do find this funny, we can see how this might be troubling to the husband.

7. When Food Is Taken Away: When a husband takes food away from his pregnant wife, prepare to be physically hurt. No one should ever take away food from a pregnant woman. They are constantly hungry and they are not afraid to do what they need to keep that food in their hands. This husband had to experience this first hand.

8. Nap Time: Pregnant women need to take naps. For some pregnant woman it doesn’t matter where they are, nothing will get in the way of their nap time. This husband experienced this first hand at a sports game. His pregnant wife fell asleep on his shoulder because she was so tired. He seemed to make the most of it.

9. Working Husband: When pregnant women get to the point where they are unable to bend over, they ask people around them to reach and bend to get them what they want. When they have a husband this job usually comes down to them doing all the work. And it is taking a toll on this husband.

10. Let’s Plan Something…ZZZ: When you are living with a pregnant wife you have to be prepared to watch her sleep a lot. This will happen even when you are planning to do something together. This is what happened to this husband and wife when they planned to watch sports on TV and eat all day. Turned out all that happened was the pregnant wife sleeping on the couch.

11. It’s Too Hot In Here: When a woman is pregnant she usually gets hot very easily. Due to this she ends up having fans on and air conditioners in the apartment. This will happen even when it is cold outside. This husband politely asked his wife if the fan really needed to be on and she responded yes. He will just have to get some extra blankets we guess.

12. Constant Communication: When a woman is pregnant alone at home she tends to get pretty bored fast. If you are a husband of a pregnant wife you should have your phone on you all the time in case she needs you for something. This husband found out what happens when he forgot his phone in his car for an hour. Most of those messages were from his wife.

13. Put My Socks On: When women get pregnant it’s hard for them to bend over properly. Because of this, they need help to get socks on. If you are a husband that has a pregnant wife make sure you help her when she needs to get socks or shoes on. This husband did it for his wife, and so should you.

14. Temper: When a pregnant woman goes through the range of emotions she eventually gets on anger. This husband knew that his pregnant wife was going through this anger faze as soon as he heard how she asked where her juice was. If this doesn’t happen to any husbands out there, make sure you take it as calmly as you can and get her what she wants.

Twitter /u/ @RtGnB87

15. Bread Sandwich: When women get pregnant sometimes they start to forget things. They all try their best but there is a lot going on in with their bodies and they have to worry about a lot of things. This husband realized this when his wife made him a sandwich but didn’t put anything in it. When this happens just make your own sandwich and accept her for all of what her pregnancy has to offer.

Instagram /u/ @franki743

16. Don’t Know What To Do: This husband just doesn’t know what to do to make his wife happy. It is hard to figure out what exactly a pregnant woman might want and when she might want it. Just remember to try your best. We all know none of us know what we are doing when it comes to having a baby, so don’t worry too much about it.

17. Night Drive: When it comes to pregnant women they always want to eat something, usually at the strangest times. This husband was asked to go to the grocery store to get pears in the middle of the night. And even though this might have been tiresome and dreadful to him, he still did it to make his pregnant wife happy. Now that’s what you call a great husband.

18. For The Love Of Ice Cream: This husband went out in freezing temperatures to get his wife an ice cream. This proves that this husband is a champ for doing this for his pregnant wife. And it always proves that pregnant women are likely to want weird types of food in different weather conditions.

19. Bottomless Pit: When pregnant women eat a lot they start to think they are full. They may even vocalize this. But seconds later they might get hungry again and want to head to a buffet. When this happens just let it happen and don’t comment. She has another human inside of her eating the food also.

20. How Do You Find Your Wife?: When this guy went looking for his wife he found her sleeping with a box of cookies. This is an entirely normal behavior to a woman who is pregnant. So if you are a husband that has a wife who is pregnant, you will find her in the same predicament one way or another.

Twitter /u/ @kdedic94

21. Shopping: When this husband’s pregnant wife went out shopping for milk and baby formula she ended up coming home with a whole array of items. This isn’t only a pregnant woman problem this is just a human being problem. It is hard to go to the shopping center and not come home with more than what you only went for.

Reddit /u/ MacroDacro

22. It’s Not Hot Enough: This husband found out that his pregnant wife needs the heating to be on 60 degrees in order to take proper naps for work. Pregnant women tend to get either really hot or really cold when they are carrying a life within them. Due to this, the husband needs to get used to the different temperature and dress accordingly.

23. Barfing: Husbands of pregnant wives really need to get used to the sound of barfing. It happens to every single pregnant woman and it will never end. Believe us, the women feel worse about having to actually barf then you do hearing it happen. From the way that this guy wrote his tweet we get the feeling that he is used to it by now.

Twitter /u/ @LeightonAutrey

24. Pillow Frenzy: When a woman is pregnant she loves pillows. Pillows feel great around a pregnant woman body because they are so soft and comfortable for all of her curves. This husband knew that his wife was going to take all the pillows at the hotel for their getaway before the baby arrives.

25. Donut Love: This husband knows how much his pregnant wife loves donuts, that’s because he constantly finds donuts that have been bitten into. Everyone loves donuts and we can’t blame this pregnant wife for wanting a little taste and then realizing they prefer another one better.

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