Vegan YouTuber Who Said Veganism Cures Cancer Has Died Of Cancer

Mari Lopez, a vegan YouTuber who claimed that veganism was a reliable cancer cure, has died of terminal cancer after it spread to her blood, liver, and lungs. Mari Lopez produced a number of videos about her vegan lifestyle and Christian faith with her niece, Liz Johnson. She claimed in a number of her videos that her vegan diet and faith helped cure her cancer.

Liz and Mari were known for providing their audience with information about juice cleansing and the importance of eating raw vegetables. They believed that this was the key to curing illnesses and living a healthy life. Their most popular videos maintained that Mari had cured her cancer with a ginger and lemon juice concoction.

During the summer of 2017, Liz posted an update about Mari saying she was “not feeling well.” By December, Liz had updated her audience that Mari had been given “days to live” by a team of doctors. A few days later, Mari passed away. Liz wrote on the pair’s Facebook page “please keep our family in prayer… we’ve lost her and my uncle in the same year.”

Along with claims of a vegan diet curing her cancer, the vegan YouTuber also claimed that her faith in God helped her renounce her “gay lifestyle.”

Mari claimed in a video that everyday spices such as oregano and cayenne pepper “[killed] breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, all these diseases.”

Mari and Liz promoted the healing power of their concoction known as the “lemon ginger blast.” They claimed that adding ingredients like turmeric would kill cancer.

Liz told Babe in an interview that near the end of her life, Mari had asked her to take all of the videos down. Liz said that this was a “test of faith.”

In her interview Liz also claimed that she still believed in the healing powers of juices and a strong faith in God, saying “I knew it could still help people, it could still make a difference in people’s lives, it could still give hope.”

Near the end of her life, Mari was being cared for by her sister (Liz’s mother). Liz claims that Mari’s health became worse after eating meat and microwaved foods.

Liz told Babe that she fully believed Mari would have been doing better if not for going back on her vegan lifestyle, saying “That’s what really contributed to her change in the first place. Going backward is not going to help anything.”

In contrast to the claims in Mari and Liz’s videos, Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute chairman Dr Declan Byrne told the Journal that when it comes to cancer, a vegan diet “is highly likely to lead to insufficient oral intake of protein and will further exacerbate muscle loss, as well as exposing patients to inadequate levels of many vitamins and minerals vital for health.”

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