Sarah Hyland Defends Taking A ‘Naked’ Selfie With Her Boyfriend And Posting It On Instagram

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

Earlier this month, Hyland tweeted about a Life & Style article that claimed she had plastic surgery, slamming the publication’s claims and proving she’s not to be messed with.

But apparently, people decided to ignore that memo and send the Modern Family star hate once again after posting a picture with her new boyfriend that sparked controversy online.

Hyland, a known Bachelorette fan, was active on Twitter while the show was airing and made it known Wells was a personal favorite... and now it’s obvious as to why. 

Back lit AF

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After some flirting over social media everyone was still surprised when Hyland and Wells Adams, who appeared on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette and then again on Bachelor in Paradise, actually got together.

Twitter | Sarah_Hyland

The couple has since gone public with their romance on social media and fans can’t seem to get enough. The actress has been posting cute pictures with her boyfriend ever since.

Instagram | sarahhyland

But it was this photo of the Modern Family actress, her reality star beau and her dog in bed that had people talking. Some people called the post inappropriate and even went so far as to DM the actress and give her a piece of their mind. So Hyland decided to give the haters a piece of her own.

Instagram | sarahhyland

In a Twitter post captioned “Hey guysssss. I’m explaining myself again! Aren’t you so happy???? Isn’t this what twitter is for???” Hyland shared a screenshot of a DM she received from a follower who slammed the actress for sharing the picture to Instagram and a long response of her own.

Twitter | Sarah_Hyland

She started off by saying that the motivation behind the picture was her dog, not to cause controversy. The actress also said she’s trying to approach her new relationship differently than those in the past; namely, to respect her relationship’s privacy.

Twitter | Sarah Hyland

However, she said it’s a love for her fans that she chooses to share a bit of her personal life online. She insists her goal isn’t to make anyone “uncomfortable,” and she’s simply keeping her fans updated on her life.

Twitter | Sarah_Hyland

And that’s why you don’t want to mess with Sarah Hyland, queen of Twitter rants.


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