This Is One Woman’s Simple Advice On How She Lost Half Her Body Weight In 2 Years


Everyone has aspirations of putting on a little more muscle and trimming down some of that fat. Whether you are an athlete, a construction worker or a fitness model, we all share similar goals albeit to different degrees. The office worker might want to gain more muscle while the fitness model might just want to lose some fat.

For the average Joe out there, most people want to be able to do both simultaneously. And despite what many coaches and trainers may tell you, this seemingly ‘impossible’ feat is actually doable!

And Miss Carli Jay is concrete evidence of that.

Read on to find out more about her incredible transformation.

At 280 pounds, for the majority of her life, Carli was perfectly comfortable with her body. Despite her obesity, she still ‘had a life to live’ and ‘didn’t really care what size [she] was.’

18809643_219880411852288_2590907629396033536_nMiss Carli Jay

But according to Carly, an epiphany struck her one day and she wanted to transform her body and life into something much more healthy.

18512893_1346416782091191_2660571247317876736_nMiss Carli Jay

In an interview she said: ‘With no help from anyone I vowed to lose half my body weight all on my own through exercise and healthy eating, sticking at it day by day.’

18722992_1147302782042719_4589517476009607168_nMiss Carli Jay

The 28-year-old dropped 140 pounds (more than half of her previous body weight) in a span of 2 years all without any gimmicks, fad diets, plastic surgery or anabolic steroids.

18645704_1977777189119893_9177798048682606592_nMiss Carli Jay

She said that early on in her life she didn’t care about how she looked or whether or not she was healthy, she just wanted to party. On an Instagram post, she said that: ‘I lived life, drank, smoked, partied way too much. Traveled the world and yes, rocked bikinis at a size 26 on the beach.’

18380824_298542147254220_1058117072279568384_nMiss Carli Jay

She continued on by saying: ‘I couldn’t care less – I was big, obese, and what? I still had a life to live!’

18252088_799058676910399_4121982317012975616_nMiss Carli Jay

But nowadays, her attitude has changed. She refused ‘trainers, fad diets, gimmicks, detoxes and anything that was just a money making scheme.’

18011600_607511959454956_7798605851467448320_nMiss Carli Jay

She focused on herself and used her own energy as motivation. She said that you don’t need anything else and that ‘all you need is you.’

18013893_723473307831718_5208154613886222336_nMiss Carli Jay

In addition to shedding the fat, she says that she feels ‘full of energy, fitter, more alive than ever and all around happy and healthy!’

17881451_421394504891268_8678394163630178304_nMiss Carli Jay

She said that if you ‘do this for you’ and focus on yourself as opposed to comparing yourself to others then you will be much more appreciative of your progress and more willing to keep going.

17818153_677160162491718_2823085886311235584_nMiss Carli Jay

As always, fat loss (or weight gain) can be boiled down to calories in versus calories out. Consistently eating fewer calories than what your body burns will result in weight loss since your body has to use body fat (instead of food) as fuel.

17931757_102899866944175_1342793551972401152_nMiss Carli Jay

Instead of focusing on appearing more aesthetic on Instagram or out in public, focus on getting better incrementally on a daily basis and ‘you will stick to it for a lifetime!’

18512560_710489999157987_8168337539912957952_nMiss Carli Jay

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