Ed Sheeran Reveals Weight Loss Secrets After Losing More Than 40 Pounds

Recently, Ed Sheeran revealed the tracklist for his new album. He also revealed how he lost a little over 25 kg since the release of his last album. After he stopped touring and performing on stage, Ed gained the excess of weight, and the realization forced him to make some lifestyle changes.  

According to The Sun, Ed had not realized how active he was on tour until the weight started piling up. He said his diet was pizza and beer on most nights, but performing for two hours a night helped him burn off all those unhealthy calories. He stopped fitting into his clothes, and after wrongly assuming they had shrunk, he consulted with his girlfriend on what his next steps should be.


Ed’s girlfriend is hockey star Cherry Seaborn, and with her help he devised a high-intensity interval training routine (HITT) that fit him perfectly. According to his interview with Total Access on Signal 1 radio, he only spent ten minutes a day exercising, doing intervals of 30 seconds of sprinting and 30 seconds of jogging.

He added that the key was not to miss a day of HITT, otherwise you have to do an hour of exercising to make up for it. His girlfriend also planned a diet for him, which he plans on sticking to even after he begins touring and performing on stage again.

Some other changes that Ed made to his lifestyle include drinking green juices. The singer revealed that he started drinking the healthy juice because he would go to restaurants and order a steak, french fries and broccoli but that he would only “eat the steak and chips and leave the broccoli.” He now has a chef that prepares the healthy juices for him while he’s on the road. 

He said that this was the most effective way to do it because he could just ask him to blend everything he needs and he would just “down it.” Ed also cut out pizza and beer from his tour diet, according to NME. He said that eating after a show was a bad habit of his, so he decided to change his routine to eating before the show, playing music and going to bed.


This has been a very eventful week for the British singer. He made history with both of his new singles, “Shape Of You” and “Castle On The Hill”, which reached over 13 million streams in 24 hours. He revealed that he had originally written “Castle On The Hill” for Rihanna, but eventually decided to keep it for himself.

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