Homeless Beggar Approaches Woman Asking For Her Leftover Meal, Then She Realizes What Is Wrong

Small acts of kindness have large implications. That’s not a theory, but a fact. Many of us seem to forget that a simple smile at a stranger could brighten our day. It sounds completely cheesy, but if you look past that you would see that it’s 100% true.

Homeless people seem to have a bad reputation in most parts of the world. Sure, there are those that help them, but not nearly enough. Many believe that where these homeless people are in life, they asked for it. Which isn’t true. At all.

We don’t know their stories, but some may suffer a mental illness while others could have lost everything through something that was out of their control. One woman did something that was truly inspirational and made such a difference in someone’s life.

Carmen Mendez and her boyfriend went out to get some late-night fried chicken when they saw a homeless woman begging for leftovers at the restaurant’s entrance.

She was standing next to a trash bin asking people for their leftovers. Some looked at the woman with disgust, while others went on throwing out their food.

Mendez has been volunteering with the homeless for years and she holds a lot of love for them.

Mendez decided to give this poor woman her leftovers. She looked for the woman, but couldn’t find her.

As Mendez was throwing out the food, she heard the woman speak up and ask if she could have them. Mendez gave the woman her leftovers without hesitation.

But she didn’t feel that was enough. In fact, she felt bad giving the woman her leftovers. She thought that she deserved much more.

So Mendez brought her a hot meal. She asked the cashier to not kick the woman out of the restaurant, then carried the fresh, warm meal over to her.

The woman accepted the meal with tears of joy, giving Mendez a huge hug. This story is incredibly inspirational for people to do small acts of kindness.

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