Woman Leaves Generous Tip At Restaurant, Finds Money Missing From Her Bank Account Next Day

You walk into your favorite restaurant, ready to have your favorite meal with your friends or family or alone. After your meal, you are pretty satisfied. You get the bill and decide to give a pretty generous tip to your waitress. You leave the place feeling pretty damn good. Until you find out your waitress took out a bigger tip without your permission.

That’s exactly what happened to Facebook user Whitney Anderson. Her story has been shared around the web and it’s shocking. One night, Whitney decided to head to dinner with her husband and three kids. They decided to have their meal at Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant.

Everything seemed pretty good, until the next day. You see, Whitney decided to take a look at her bank history and noticed that the waitress from the previous night had taken extra money out of her account. I wouldn’t believe my eyes had this been me. The woman told her story on Facebook.

She noted that at her dinner the night before, she believed to have given this waitress a pretty generous tip! She wrote, “It was $45.50 and I tipped $10 even, made it $55.50”. But apparently, her bank history told her otherwise.

It noted that Whitney had actually paid $65.50 for her meal last night. Which means that her 25% tip to the waitress was clearly not good enough. Whitney knew she had to go back to the restaurant and figure this out.

When she told the situation to the restaurant owner, Whitney writes that they were less accommodating than expected. The owner didn’t seem the slightest concerned about the issue at hand and didn’t even bother addressing it with the waitress.

All the owner simply said was for Whitney to wait, as it takes about ten business days to have the fraudulent tip returned. Best part? When Whitney asked to see the receipt, she was given a fraudulent customer copy instead of a merchant receipt.

Whitney wrote on her Facebook, “Our server filled out the blank customer copy of the receipt and threw our merchant copy away! She forged a signature that isn’t even my name and tipped herself $10 extra.”

She continued, writing, “All the manager is doing is working on getting my $10 back and could take up to a week. I’m so angry that a server did this and who knows how many times she’s done this and stole money from customers!”

Well, Whitney was spot on with her words. Turns out that this particular waitress had done something like this previously. In fact, she’s known for doing stuff like this and has been fired from many of her jobs for the same offense.  

As soon as Whitney’s story hit the local news station, the restaurant, suddenly, became very concerned. Not only did they apologize for her “bad experience”, but they also gave her a cash refund the next day covering her entire bill. Ah, that’s more like it!

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