Overweight Mom Ditches 1 Common Habit And Loses Over 120 Pounds

With the holiday season fast approaching, the need for healthy eating and making the right lifestyle choices are at the top of our minds. It’s very easy to get carried away during this time of the year as we are often inundated with treats, pies, candies, feasts, and every manner of food you can think of.

One California mom decided to focus on her body and decided to kick one common habit that helped her lose over 120 pounds in a single year. How, you might ask? Brittany Williams decided to stop eating out and start eating at home!

Among other things, Brittany Williams decided that her family needed to cut out a lot more grains, sugars, and dairy from their diet as well. Brittany quickly became an Instagram star (@instantloss) and her website InstantLoss.com showcases that Brittany lost over 120 pounds “just eating real food.”

Brittany Williams, who can be seen here before her dramatic weight loss, decided to finally get her body in shape when she could no longer even bend down on the floor to play with her child.

She reinvented how she cooks meals at home, striving for convenience and healthy choices.

Brittany testifies that the Instant Pot (which has quickly become a 2017 Christmas best selling item) is a combination slow cooker and pressure cooker that allows you to cook healthy meals at home with both convenience and flavor.

On her website InstantLoss.com, Brittany features recipes that aided her in her weight loss journey, as well as some of the tools in the kitchen she uses to make her life as a mother and a cook easier.

Brittany says that she cleaned out her entire house of processed foods, and managed to eliminate many grains, dairy, and junk from her diet. Eating out at restaurants proved to be a poor lifestyle choice for her and her family. Simply cooking at home allowed Brittany to lose 41 pounds in just 3 months.

One of Brittany’s lifestyle choices was to cut cereal out of her life. Instead, she makes what she calls “blended muffins” made out of healthy ingredients then baked in the oven. The recipes can be found on her website at InstantLoss.com.

Another recipe, a homemade chicken stew, Brittany made in her Instant Pot and claimed that her family licked their bowls clean! Looks healthy and delicious!

Overall, Brittany’s weight loss journey is absolutely incredible. To think that a lifestyle change can dramatically shift our bodies in such a way is truly inspiring. Getting an Instant Pot sounds like a great idea too!

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