Cher Slams Sarah Sanders’ Style: ‘Stop Dressing Like A Sister Wife’

Somebody should call the Secret Service because there’s been a “murder” in the White House. In a recent tweet, Cher said that the White House Press Secretary dressed like a “sister wife.”

Cher and Sarah Huckabee Sanders are worlds apart; one is an influential icon with political vision and serious goals, and the other is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But worlds collided last week when Cher tweeted: “Would someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife,” and highlighted her point with a photo of two women in what looks to be Amish clothing.

The backlash was swift and hilarious. Many on Twitter criticized the singer’s own iconic outfits, including rhinestone bikinis and elaborate headpieces. And, in a move that may signal chilly weather down in hell, Fox News accused her of being “unfeminist” in not one but two different articles.

This isn’t the first time the pop icon has courted controversy for her tweets. Since Donald Trump’s emergence onto the political scene, Cher has devoted a considerable portion of her Twitter to mocking, ridiculing or outright calling out the president. In recent days, her Twitter has been filled with jabs about the Mueller investigation, anger over the government shutdown, and calls to renew DACA. In one particularly stirring recent tweet, she told the Democratic party to “man up” over DACA, and said that if they failed to stand up for it, they would be “the party of appeasement.”

Sanders hasn’t responded to Cher’s tweet as of publication. She has been too busy criticizing the White House press corps for their alleged “Russia Fever,” and told the media that Trump has gone “above and beyond”  to make sure the Justice Department’s investigation of him goes smoothly.

“The only thing the president has applied pressure to is to make sure we get this is resolved so that you guys and everyone else can focus on the things that Americans care about,” she told reporters, right after the resignation of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a frequent Trump target.

As for Cher, she’s taking the backlash from the tweet in her usual style. When one Twitter user said that she should cover up before giving clothing advice, Cher tweeted that people had been making fun of her and her clothes “for 53 years,” and that she really didn’t care what people thought of her. Proving that she hadn’t used up all her zest on Sanders, Cher concluded by saying, “Perhaps Walmart’s Sells backbones.”

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