Firefighter Rescues Baby Deer From Brush Fire: ‘He Was So Scared And Trembling’

A large brush fire in an area of the Florida Keys almost took the life of a young deer when firefighter Jen Shockley Brack came to his rescue. The endangered deer fawn sat helplessly surrounded by flames when she took action.

The firewoman told ABC News that once she saw the little guy she had no fear of the fire, “I saw his big eyes and he was so scared and trembling, I just had to get him.” She told her coworker she was going in to grab the fawn. When she got to him, she said he laid down and looked up and her, “I think he knew I was there to help him.”

Shockley Brack said she bent down to grab the deer as the fire singed her eyelashes. She was able to get him out safely leaving them both unharmed. She and her team from Monroe County Fire Rescue took the baby deer to a truck where they wrapped him in a sheet and gave him oxygen and water.

The fire team told ABC News that since wildfires are typical in the Florida Keys, Key deer have adapted to staying safe in the event of them. However, this little guy was found without his mother to help him.

Although wildfires are common in this area of Florida, this fire, in particular, was quite large. Trees still down from Hurricane Irma last summer were to blame for adding more fuel. All in all, 100 acres were destroyed as well as one home. Luckily, all residents were evacuated safely.  

In accordance with the Key Deer Refuge Policy, the team freed the baby back into the wild. Since the area where they found the deer is so small, Shockley Brack was hopeful he would be reunited with his herd again. “Hopefully that little guy is out there and doing OK,” she said. 

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