25 Things That Happened In Early ’00s Movies That Would So Not Be Okay Today

There are some things that are socially acceptable in one decade and not in the next. This results in certain movies becoming outdated. For example, there are many films in the early ‘00s that had socially acceptable storylines and social constructions. Yet those early ‘00s movies wouldn’t hold up in our socially and politically correct society today. Below is a list of 25 things that happened in early ‘00s movies that would so not be okay today.

1. Switching Genders: In the early ‘00s movie She’s The Man, Violet had to pretend she was a boy to get on the soccer team. Though this movie was pretty popular when it got released back in 2006 this storyline wouldn’t hold up today. Violet could easily be successful on a female soccer team at any school she went to. She wouldn’t need to switch genders in order to play the game she loved.

2. He Loves You When You Wear A Mask: In the early ‘00s movie A Cinderella Story, Sam had to wear a mask to the ball for a boy to fall for her. The storyline of covering your face so a boy will love you wouldn’t hold up today. Instead, the girl would be exposing her face and every other aspect of her and if they guy liked her then he did. And if he didn’t, well he didn’t, but that wouldn’t make much of an interesting movie.

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