25 Dogs Who Are Afraid Of The Most Ridiculous Things

Dog owners know that it doesn’t matter how big man’s best friend is, they get scared of the most ridiculous things. For people who don’t own dogs you have probably seen dogs get afraid of random things at some point in your life. If you are in the mood for a laugh then look no further. Below is a like at 25 dogs who are afraid of the most ridiculous things.

1. Afraid Of Kittens: This dog is terrified of these adorable kittens. We are not sure why the dog is so afraid of these furry puff balls but it is hilarious. Maybe if there was only one of them then the dog would be tough in the face of danger. But these cute kittens really ganged up on him.

2. Afraid of Stuffed Animal: This dog is so afraid of this stuffed animal. The fear in the dog’s eyes in the second photo reminds us how we feel when we walk through a haunted house. That is true fear right there and we really wish we were there to comfort this adorable dog.

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