25 Pictures We May Never Ever Understand

Every picture may tell a story, but there are some that leave us with more questions than answers. There’s no shortage of bizarre pictures circulating around the Internet, and many have reached a level of virality solely based on their weirdness. While we may never get an explanation for these obscure images, there is something entertaining about the fact that they exist at all.

From people who questionably went above and beyond in the name of peculiarity to everyday sights that make you tilt your head in bewilderment, the one thing these pictures have in common is their ability to make you ask: “Why?”

Here are 25 strange pictures found on the Internet that we may never fully understand.

1. It’s not every day that you see a grizzly bear in the city unless the circus is in town, but even then, they aren’t usually riding around in the back seats of cabs. What’s even more confusing is that both the bear and the front seat cab passenger seem super casual that this is happening. Where could they possibly be going? And how desperate for passengers do you have to be to pick up a man and a live bear?

2. Bikini beach photo shoots are nothing new, but rarely do they include laptops as props. Did the water just happen to come up higher than anticipated? Even then, it doesn’t really explain why this woman is so happy considering that her laptop has just become inoperable or why the photographer wouldn’t have warned her.

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