25 People Who Engineered Their Own “Fixes”

Let’s face it: there are a lot of Do-It-Yourself jobs out there that are more like Don’t-It-Yourselfs. We collected up some of the best (worst?) examples from around the internet for your viewing pleasure. Here are 25 people whose design fails were nothing short of inspirational.

“I have a crooked nose. A friend told me he could help me out punch it in the correct position. My nose used to be crooked to the right. Let’s just say it is now crooked to the left…” (ChorusTroglodytarum)

“My ex heard that there were pheromones in urine that would attract females. He decided that more was better. He collected his urine for a few weeks and then decided to boil it down to a concentrate that he could use to pick up chicks. His parents weren’t home so he got boiling. He boiled it ALL DAY. He didn’t open any windows or turn on any fans. I’m not really sure how but the entire inside of the house was covered in stinky urine steam. Almost totaled off the house according to his dad. They had to redo the walls and the flooring.” (manypuppies)

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