24 Obvious Photoshop Fails That Were Somehow Missed

Whether we’re trying to get rid of an unsightly blemish or maybe trying to make an appendage or muscle look bigger, Photoshop can be a complicated mistress.

There is no bigger frustration than painstakingly spending hours trying to eliminate some impurity in your picture only to see when you zoom out it looks like… well, garbage. These people, however, zoomed out, didn’t see (or maybe just neglected to see) an issue and went “yeah, that’s fine”, even though there were clear, glaring mistakes.

These are the 24  Obvious Photoshop Fails That Were Somehow Missed.

1. Definitely not ticklish! Everything seems to be in order here… eyes, hair, arms, shoulders, no armpits… wait a minute! Her eyes are a slightly different shade of brown on the Maxim cover! It’s just shameless how they doctor photos these days, what is happening to this country? Seriously though, of all things, why remove the armpits? Were there really guys out there saying: “Listen, I love Maxim but ONLY because the women have their armpits remove with Photoshop! That’s where I draw the line!”

2. Two right hands. You really have to look at it but yep, after some incredibly headache-inducing brain use, I have deduced it is, in fact, two right hands. Way to go Netflix! Wait, does that make her a good dancer or not? I forget how that goes, but I’ll tell you one thing: her having two right hands makes the artist a bad Photoshopper!

3. Whitney’s final form. NW magazine has taken the liberty of giving this legendary singer a third hand, to make the point that she’s getting FAT! Classy, guys. Real classy. At least when she was paid to do HER job, she rocked it. Unlike some Photoshop editors I know….

4. Insect man. I have to admit, having a sixth finger WOULD make guitar easier to play. Not that I would know, I’d be a terrible musician even if I had thirty fingers. At least when I use Photoshop, I know how to count!

5. Crash. Just like the plane from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, this aircraft has lost its wheel…somewhere? People have to stop flying over the Bermuda triangle, seriously! In fact, why don’t we learn from Amelia Earhart and just ditch flying altogether? Or maybe Oi can get better Photoshop guys…who knows?

6. Three armed man. This Target ad makes this man into a tri-armed monster. It makes you think, where was his arm originally? Why didn’t they like its original placement and why they would think it was a good idea to Photoshop it in the first place. Clearly, they’re trying to hit an untapped demographic here.

7. The Littlest arm. Listen, I’ll never get the obsession some people have with having skinny arms. I get it’s probably a self-esteem thing (believe it or not I HAVE talked to a woman in my life) yet it baffles me that anyone would really look at a picture and go: “Yeah, she’s hot but GROSS look at those ARMS! Such drab flab!”. Photoshop it out!

8. Something’s a bit off… Aw, look at the puppy! Why, he’s the epitome of puggy perfection! He’s… He’s… wait, he’s too perfect. There’s something missing…. OH. Never mind, that poor pup is REALLY inconvenienced by this Photoshop fail.

9. The newest product from Tesla. It’s science fiction come to life, this woman has an invisible purse! SUPER convenient for walking around sketchy neighborhoods at night, not so convenient for when you have to find it in the morning. Maybe it comes with a beeper or something?

10. One of these things… The Photoshop seems unnecessary, but let’s just try to see it their way for a moment. Alright, so they want everyone to be in the same uniform, fine. BUT considering how much they wanted not in the picture, WHY would they keep his knee in there? Seriously, Photoshop guys, do a second draft!

Metro & The Sun

11. Poland and Microsoft. Well, at least the motivation behind this Photoshop wasn’t pure evil? Oops, sorry I was thinking of something else, yes this was TOTALLY to remove the African American guy and thus totally pure evil. Microsoft Poland, what’s your problem?  Believe it or not, black people use computers too!

12. O, what a tangled web we weave. Good lord, the poor girl! Somehow she’s gotten her hands crossed together, presumably from some horrible accident. An accident involving neglect (or perhaps a lack of talent) and a Photoshop artist who just wanted to go home.

13. I wanna hold your hand. How cute, this man has found his soulmate… himself. I could just picture… them? Him? Alright listen, I’ve heard that liking yourself is healthy but this might be a little too much. Then again, at least Narcissus would be proud! I tell you who wouldn’t be proud though, any self-respecting Photoshop artist.


14. Umm… What? Is this even representing a human anymore? Honestly, how could some Photoshop artist look at this and go: “yeah, that’s done”. And it was Target AGAIN, too! Jeez, guys, you GOTTA get some better people for your Photoshops.

15. Something from Satan’s army, perhaps? Alright, a bit of context on this one. It’s from a posting on eBay and the product’s name is “Fashion sexy Ms Black short hair personality High temperature wire wig”. If that wasn’t terrible enough, the poster used photoshop to turn his model into some kind of goat fingered demon. As of the time of writing, it’s sold too! Perhaps another goat demon figured it would be the perfect thing to cover its unsightly horns.

16. Your body is a wonderland. In the sense that it makes no sense and is a little off-putting, at least in this picture. John Mayer, you’re already a very sexy man! There’s no use in photoshopping yourself to look like a mid-2010s Xbox360 character, we think you’re hot already! I bet that skin is buttery smooth, though.

17.  “I want you to believe…to believe in things that you cannot.” Such a gorgeous family photo. You know, I thought the Wests and Kardashians were a little strange, but I guess… wait a minute, where are their reflections! Oh god, VAMPIRES! Somehow I always knew, I never doubted myself for a second. Quick, someone find Van Helsing! Is Hugh Jackman available again?

18. Demon Baby. “Yes, vile mortal. Bring thine pitiful soul unto me and I shall have it for my own. In return for your sacrifice human, I shall give you what you most desire… NIGHTTIME DRYNESS AND EXTRA MOBILITY! MUHAHAHA!” Hey, maybe this baby and the goat demon could team up. Someone get Marvel on the phone!

19. G-g-g…G-G-G-GHOST ARMMMM! The more I see these Photoshop fails, the more I see artists trying to turn models into paranormal creatures. I guess if you got a ghost/demon/insect person to pose for you it would probably blow up, but at what cost? What happens when people die and then instantly come back to life to claim their old job? Or worse yet… what if they take our jobs? I’m not sure which to cue here, spooky music or the South Park “they took our jobs” bit.

20. So close! Darn! You were so close, random photoshop artist. Sure, she’s missing an arm, but that could be written off as a perspective issue. But you JUST HAD TO add the dog in, didn’t you? Your photoshop skills could’ve gone unquestioned, but the little random ghost dog was just SO necessary to the picture. Oi vey.

21. Dude, what? In this photo shoot for her new cookbook, Kris Jenner tried to Photoshop out some wrinkles on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s face. Unfortunately for her, he posted the same untouched photo on HIS Instagram. The worst part about this is that he might look better in the first! In fact, I think he looks incredibly weird in the doctored photo. YOU decide!

22. “Professional”. Well, the Photoshop artist certainly was no professional. So what is it, huh Lexar? How many gigs am I getting in this “Professional” memory card? 4? 8? 12, maybe?

23. Cheque again! I’m not too sure how he thought he’d get away with this too, would people be surprised when he made absolutely no purchases with the supposed $500,000 he won? What was he going to tell people? That he decided to save it all? Give it all to charity? Stash it all under an old tree?

24. Warping time and space. Girl, is your chest a black hole? Because it seems to be a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape. Funny how bad photoshop can turn a girl into unknown and mysterious horrors from outer space.


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