Tall Girl Problems That Most People Don’t Understand

Everyone complains that something about their appearance givegirls them problems. These problems can be related to a number of things but a lot of the time it has to do with their height. The truth is that many things aren’t made to accommodate everyone’s height. And no matter what happens there will always be someone complaining about it.

A lot of the time we hear complaints from girls who claim they are short. They state that they are unable to reach certain things or that they can’t get on some rides. We have heard from short people for a long time about their height problems, but one group of people we rarely hear from is tall girls. There are a lot of problems that they come across because of their height also.

Tall girl problems come in multiple forms. They can range from not being able to fit into a photo properly, buying jeans online and realizing their legs are too long for the pant length, and sometimes it’s something simple like not being able to fit under the showerhead properly. Whatever problems that arise these tall girls have lived through them all, and it’s time you heard what they go through. Below is a list of 16 tall girl problems that most people don’t understand.

1. When tall girls use a shower that isn’t the one in their own home they run into some problems. The main problem is that they are unable to fit underneath the showerhead. This must be a constant struggle for tall girls.

2. When tall girls order clothing online it’s always a gamble to see if the item is going to fit them properly. When this girl tried on her romper she found out that she was too tall to fit into it properly. This is a huge tall girl problem because they end up wasting their money on clothes that don’t fit.

3. When a tall girl wears a short dress she gets herself into some problems. The main tall girl problem that they run into is whether or not they are able to raise their hands above their heads without showing something they don’t want to show.

4. When you’re a tall girl it’s rare that you are able to hug someone without bending down. Whenever a tall girl wants to hug a friend or family member they have to do so by bending down and hurting their back. Talk about a major problem.

5. A tall girl’s problem when it comes to getting the proper shirts is having the sleeves be too short. The taller you are the longer your arms are and it’s a constant struggle for some tall girls to find a long-sleeved shirt that goes all the way to their wrists.

6. When a tall girl wants to be carried by her friends, problems always arise. The truth is that the taller you are the harder it is for someone who is smaller than you to hold you comfortably in their arms. These girls are having some fun trying to do it though.

7. A tall girl’s problem that happens when wearing socks is wanting them to be knee-high, but not being knee-high. A lot of the time knee-high socks only perfectly fit a few select people and never anyone else. But it’s only a tall girl’s problem to have these socks only fit halfway up the calves.

SocksInstagram /u/ @wildteresaappeared

8. For tall girls when they meet someone new the first thing they usually hear is that they are tall. This meme pretty much sums up the exact reaction that every tall girl has to someone saying they are tall.

9. Fitting into photos becomes a problem when you’re a tall girl. This problem is made even more difficult when you are supposed to be in a photo with someone who is a lot shorter than you. Either your head or your feet get taken out of the frame, while the other person fits perfectly inside.

10. When you are tall your legs are pretty long and beautiful, but these legs can also cause problems for tall girls. When they get on an airplane most of the time their knees hit the seat in front of them making for a very uncomfortable flight. Imagine what happens when someone reclines the seat in front of a tall girl? What a nightmare.

11. If tall girls want to wear full-length maxi shirts or dresses they usually run into some problems. These skirts and dresses end up not touching the floor as they are supposed to do when you wear them.

12. When tall girls sleep in a bed that isn’t theirs there are usually some problems that they are faced with. The major problem is that they can’t fit into the bed properly. This must be really frustrating when it comes to sleeping in hotels when on vacation or at a friend’s place.

13. Tall girls have longer legs than other girls and this runs them into some problems. The main problem is that they can never get any pants that fit them properly. They are usually left with that gap between their pant leg and ankle showing.

14. When you’re a tall girl it is near impossible to blend into a crowd. Whenever tall girls are out with their friends or family they are the ones that people notice first. A lot of the time this is a problem.

15. Tall girls have problems when it comes to fitting into the bath. Their beautiful long legs make it hard for them to lay comfortably inside the bath. This looks like it wouldn’t be a relaxing bath.

16. A lot of us think that it’s simple to take mirror selfies, but it’s a problem for tall girls. A lot of the time they have to bend and angle their bodies in certain ways so they can take a full-length mirror selfie.

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