South Korean And American Military Drop Bombs Close To Kim’s Border After Trump Declares That ‘Talking Was Not The Answer’

South Korean And American Military Drop Bombs

This past Wednesday, August 30, 2017, North Korea put on a blatant  “proof of power” display by launching a missile toward Japan, just missing the island by around 14 miles. The threat did not go unnoticed by world leaders.

In a joint operation launched by the South Korean, and American governments, several fighter jets were deployed to the North Korean and South Korean border to put on their own display of retaliation.

The bombs were dropped just outside the North Korean territory, to give a clear signal to the government and Kim Jong Un, that threats are not taken lightly in this modern cold war.

Four American F-35B Fighter jets joined two ‘nuclear ready’ American B-1B Fighter Bombers to be launched in an immediate show of arms after the North Korean display.

The region was bombarded with explosions, that could be heard for miles between both the North Korean and South Korean borders.

The US bombers dropped MK-84 bombs, which are general purpose bombs of war, which can form a crater around 50 feet wide. The bombs are the largest in the Mark-80 series, being used throughout the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

Four additional South Korean F-15 Fighter Jets joined the military operation, showing cooperation between the two governments against North Korea.

The bomber jets were deployed from the Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, and the other fighter jets were stationed at the US Marines base in Japan. The fighter jets and bombers converged and were later joined by both South Korean and Japanese fighters.

MK-82 bombs were also used in the exercise, which is some of the most highly used Bombs in the world.

Regardless of people’s opinions about him, Trump has made it clear that the time for talk is over. The military operation was commissioned to deter North Korea from any further missile tests, making it clear that their threats would be met with severe retaliation.

Kim Jong Un was made “Supreme Leader” of North Korea in 2011 after the death of his Father. His obsession with improving North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal has been escalating for years up until the last few weeks.

South Korean And American Military Drop BombsThe Sun | REUTERS

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