Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively With Savage Instagram Post…Again

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have quickly become Hollywood’s “It” couple. Reynolds is part of the successful Deadpool franchise and Lively (true to her character Serena van der Woodson on Gossip Girl) is known for her incredible fashion sense on and off the red carpet.

Aside from their successful careers, however, they’ve quickly become #couplegoals with their adorable displays of affection and their shared sense of humor.

Known for playing little pranks on each other, both of the stars have never been afraid to troll each other on social media. Reynolds has been posting funny stuff about his family life for years, but when Lively got involved, the war of words – and pictures – took an interesting turn. It’s been quite the competitive trolling war ever since. Let’s review…

Reynolds has been blessing our Twitter timelines for a while now with funny tweets about his wife, Lively, and parenting their two little girls. This tweet goes way back to 2015.

Fast-forward to two years later, and Reynolds still has everyone wishing he was their dad with tweets like these.

But at some point last year, the Deadpool star tested the waters with a casual, but funny, tweet that targeted his wife and her new movie, The Shallows. 

A few months later, Reynolds sent out this tweet confessing his love for Billy Ray Cyrus and even remembering to wish his wife a Happy Birthday at the end. Cheeky.

Things stayed relatively calm though and the couple was cuter than ever. From supporting each other’s careers no matter how bad the view…


To singing each other’s praises in interviews…

shes delightfulGiphy

To being the most picture-perfect (and possibly best-looking) couple to ever grace a red carpet…

blake ryan cuteGiphy

…they’re always there to remind us how perfect they are. Last year, Lively followed up on that mediocre birthday tweet from her husband by planning his birthday party at the restaurant where they fell in love. 


This year though, the Canadian actor took a page out of Chris Pratt’s book and posted a picture –  with his wife barely in the photo – to Instagram with the caption “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.” How could he do that to the woman who planned the cutest birthday party of all time last year?!

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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But the actress proved she doesn’t need our pity. Lively owned Reynolds with this post for his birthday, using a picture with a quarter of his face and Ryan Gosling beside him. Get it? Ryan Gosling? Ryan Reynolds? Savage.

Happy Birthday, baby.

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But just when the Gossip Girl star had us all thinking she’d won the trolling wars, Reynolds returned to Instagram with an unflattering post of his wife on the set of her new movie, “The Rhythm Section,” where she plays a heroin-addicted prostitute. The Deadpool actor captioned the post #nofilter. Touché. 


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But I wouldn’t count Blake Lively out just yet. Proving to be just as sharp and witty as her funnyman husband, we’re expecting more shots to be fired any day now.


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