Twitter User Does Social Experiment And Breaks Up Via Text With Random Phone Numbers

Anyone who has been broken up with through text message knows how rude and impersonal it can be. People appreciate it more if it’s done face to face, as difficult and awkward as it may be. But recently, a Twitter user decided to do a social experiment of his own.

Mike Primavera, who goes by @primawesome on Twitter, decided to text random numbers with the same break-up message and wanted to see how it would play out. He shared this little experiment of his in a tweet.

In his tweet, he said “Broke up with a bunch of random numbers this morning. No responses but I feel great”. The same break-up text to every number read “This isn’t working out. I’m breaking up with you.” Quick, simple and…cold.

But after a bit of time and patience, Mike started getting responses and they were all different in their own way. The most standard response was saying that he had the wrong number.

One person wrote, “Yo if you’re trying to break up you should at least get their phone number right. Pro tip”. But Mike kept in character and continued the breakup…

So based on the type of responses that Primavera would get from the various numbers, he would alter the conversation by adding strange little details. Like saying that he kicked out his ex and their numerous cats.

The text he wrote to one person read, “I’m breaking up with you. I’ve changed the locks and put all of your cats outside”. The person that got that text found it pretty entertaining.

For one person, Mike decided to bring in the hit series Stranger Things into the mix, using it as an excuse for the breakup. He wrote “I can’t believe you don’t like Stranger Things. I think we’re just too different”.

The person who got that text wrote that he probably got the wrong number and even added that they never said that they don’t like the show. But of course, Mike just kept in character and continued with his break up. It’s pretty entertaining.

Panking random numbers seems to be a growing trend. That’s why some of the people that Primavera sent his message to would actually play along or at least would find the entire thing pretty funny. Awkward, but funny.

But regardless if some people caught on, played along or just sent him the most boring response back, all of Mike’s Twitter followers were thoroughly entertained by the entire thing. Well done Mike, well done.

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