Police Accidentally End Up At Wrong House, Read Ornaments On Tree And Call The Station

When police officers receive a call, it’s rare that they end up at the wrong location, but a recent miscommunication resulted in some heartwarming Christmas magic for two cops. The home they mistakenly entered had nothing to do with their run, however, the ornaments adorning the abode’s Christmas tree provided them with an emotional surprise.

Two Ohio police officers, who have chosen to remain anonymous, ended up discovering a heartfelt tribute by complete chance. “Partner and I accidentally went to the wrong address today on a run and stumbled across the beautiful tree,” the officer wrote to Ohio Going Blue’s Facebook page.

While Christmas trees are superabundant this time of year, this tree grabbed the attention of these two officers for a different reason. “The owner took the time to write down every Officer killed in the line of duty this year and place it on a tree. Not only did she do all the Humans but she included the K9s on the small ornaments,” the Officer recalled.

This house may not have been where these officers were supposed to be, but it was certainly a welcome surprise. “She calls it the ‘Tree of Honor,’” the officer revealed. “Guess our paths were meant to cross since she just finished it last night.”

The police officers who stumbled across this Christmas tree sent their story and a picture to the Facebook page, Ohio Going Blue, who shared it with their 165,000 followers. The heartwarming post was quick to garner over 2,000 reactions and over 700 shares.

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According to The Washington Post, 144 law enforcement officers passed away in the line of duty in 2016. Hopefully next year, the amount of decorations on this woman’s Christmas tree tribute only dwindles.

Many Facebook users took to the comment section to commend this thoughtful tribute and share their condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the line of duty. This woman’s gratitude to the police force may have gone unnoticed, but now her honoring has reached the hearts of many.

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