Angry Pregnant Woman Texts ‘Father’, Refuses To Believe She Has Wrong Number

Most of us have been on the receiving end, the delivering end—or both ends—of a wrong number text message at some point or other. Whether it’s a genuine mistake of numbers or one party trying to avoid another, usually the experience isn’t very notable. One person sends a text, the other person lets them know that it’s the wrong number: end of story.

In this case, however, things got heated and it wasn’t for lack of a reason. A girl named Abbie sent a text to someone named Aiden, who she had slept with in the recent past because she found out she was pregnant. Abbie was hoping to have a conversation about the matter with Aiden, but she sent the text to the wrong number belonging to a girl named Sophie.

It’s unclear as to whether Abbie typed out the number wrong or if Aiden had changed his number, but the text interaction between Abbie and Sophie did not go well. Upon receiving the message, Sophie texted Abbie saying she has the wrong number. But instead of believing her at face-value, Abbie had some choice words for Sophie (who she thought was Aiden).

It started off harmlessly enough, Abbie asked Sophie “what do you mean?” when she received the wrong number text. That’s when things went sour. Abbie was unwilling to believe that she had sent the text to the wrong number and instead insisted that she knew she was messaging Aiden and he was merely claiming that it was the wrong number to avoid responsibility.

Sophie figured that the only way to prove to Abbie once and for all that she was not Aiden would be to send her a picture of herself. However, even then, Abbie insisted that the photo was of Aiden’s new girlfriend.

She also instructed his supposed girlfriend (who is Sophie) that she should tell her boyfriend that they need to talk about her pregnancy. This entire experience inspired Sophie to share the interaction on Twitter.

In an interview with Unilad, she discusses the reaction she’s since received from Twitter: “It’s funny, a lot of the replies were calling it fake because I covered my face in the post but I just woke up. I’m not posting a picture of my face first thing in the morning…A lot of the replies were people tagging people called Aidan, or guys called Aidan popping up like ‘I swear it’s not me’.”

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