Homeless Boy Approaches Car To Beg For Change, But When He Sees Woman On Oxygen Tank, He Is Moved To Tears

This is John Thou. He’s a little boy who was left alone and forced to survive by himself on the streets of Kenya. According to Kenyan journalist Njogu Wa Njoroge HSC, who wrote on Facebook, John had to live on the streets of Nairobi because his dad was too abusive to live with. His mother had passed away. You can only imagine how difficult it was for a little boy to survive alone. His life had turned into a daily struggle, trying to find food and shelter. It’s truly heartbreaking to even think about a young boy or girl forced to live their life alone on the streets. One day, John was asking drivers for some spare change.


According to Nairobi News, when one car opened up their window, the young boy was taken by surprise by who he saw. Instead of finding an adult who can help him, he quickly realized that there are people in this world who are actually having a harder time for survival than he is. Inside that car was a woman who was not able to breathe without the help of an oxygen tank.

On top of all this, the woman, named Gladys Kamende, also had great difficulty seeing properly. First Magazine notes that as soon as John saw this he broke down into tears. This little boy was overcome with emotion, realizing that the woman was in need of serious help. But here comes the best part. Even though John was just a young boy, who had barely enough to fend for himself, he still decided to give all of his money that he was able to collect that day to Gladys. Yes, you just read that correctly.

This homeless boy gave up all he made and gave it to this woman. This is truly something incredible. A witness who was able to see this incredible moment shared it with their social media followers. As you can expect, everyone who saw this story was incredibly moved by John’s amazing heart. A heart that is made of pure gold.


Kenyan Newspaper MediaMax notes that John’s story spread almost instantly around Kenya and right away people wanted to help. The mayor of Nairobi City, Mike Sonko, wanted to help this boy as well as Gladys. It only took a few days for the citizens of the city to raise money in order to change the lives of these two people. People have tweeted out news about the duo. Gladys was able to get the surgery that she needed to help her breathe again.


And John? Well, he ended up being adopted by a woman named Nissy, according to one person’s Tweet. He is now going to school again. You are probably wondering if the boy and the woman have become friends, and they have! According to the newspaper, Gladys has become like a second mother to this young boy. Now that she can see again, Gladys now records gospel songs and does what she loves to do.

You have to admit, this is a double happy ending. I’m sure everyone who read this story is more than thrilled that life has changed for the better for these two individuals. John didn’t have to give up any of his money to Gladys, nor would it have made a huge difference in her life. But this pure and simple act of kindness inspired so many people, who wanted to help these two individuals. It’s these inspirational stories that can slowly and surely make this world a better place!


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