Halo Brows Are Latest Ridiculous Online Trend

A teenage Instagram personality has quickly become an overnight social media influencer with her dazzling and often over-the-top eyebrow trends makeup styles. Sixteen-year-old Instagrammer Hannah Lane @hannahdoesmakeupp from Huddersfield in the United Kingdom has proven her worthiness as an out-of-the-box thinker when it comes to makeup styles.

Her latest trend, of the “Halo Brow” immediately went viral, after posting photos of herself and a mighty eyebrow that seemingly spans the length of her forehead. Hannah’s Instagram is filled with memorable photos featuring some insanely wacky designs that are both fun and memorable. She now has close to 40,000 followers on her Instagram.

In addition to her famous eyebrows, Hannah’s Instagram account features some really fun makeup ideas including sunset eyeshadow, Santa-hat eyebrows, and movie-inspired makeup trends that are really something to behold. The following 8 photos from this rising star @hannahdoesmakeupp show off her amazing talent, sense of humor, and yes, the infamous halo-brows.

1) The Halo Brow: When you feast your eyes on this eyebrow job, it’s hard to argue how ridiculous it looks. Hannah uses this look to critique some of society’s expectations when it comes to having the perfect eyebrows.

2) The Halo Brow 2: Here from the side, we can see the halo brow working its magic. Really when it comes down to it, this is a fantastic use of makeup artistry to give the illusion that she does indeed have hair on her forehead.

3) The Expectations: Here we see Hannah in all her glory. This isn’t really how she applies makeup though! On her Instagram account, Hannah remarks that “Insta models be like… super natural, everyday look” on this photo, showcasing her sarcasm and sense of humor when it comes to beauty.

4) Inverted Brows: Here we see Hannah created some inverted eyebrows which look both scary and hilarious. If you want to walk around looking angry everywhere you go this is the look for you.

5) Squiggle Brows: Hannah has taken the normal eyebrow look and really pepped it up by turning them into these bizarre squiggles that challenge our conceptions of what an eyebrow is supposed to look like. To make it even more absurd, she highlights its shape using green and yellow colors.

6) The Double Brow: Even more ridiculous is the concept that we could grow two sets of eyebrows. Yes, you heard correctly…two. Imagine how ridiculous this eyebrow trend would be if we all adopted it?

7) The Triple Brow: Even more ridiculous than the double brow is this over-the-top triple brow makeup job. It’s hilarious to think that she keeps pushing the boundaries with these styles. We’re hopeful she’ll upload the “quadruple brow” sometime in the future.

8) Hannah Herself: Here we have Hannah posing with her regular makeup style, which proves that there’s more to this “halo brow” trend than meets the eye. Hannah is challenging what our conventions of beauty are by bravely uploading photos of her creations for us to marvel at! Way to go, Hannah!

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