Vet Makes Odd Discovery After Little Girl Brings In Hamster Who Hasn’t Moved In Days

Owning a pet can definitely be challenging. It’s difficult to know what’s on our fur baby’s mind, which is why it’s important to educate oneself on animal behaviour. Knowing how an animal reacts to certain situations can be helpful for understanding your pet in their time of need.

Vet Makes Odd Discovery After Little Girl Brings In HamsterTwitter / @eeveeluti0n

But, what happens if your pet just isn’t moving or showing any signs of distress? What do you even do in that situation? Well, one worried little girl decided it was time to take her beloved hamster to the vet when she noticed he hadn’t moved from the side of his cage in three days.

Many who read the story via Twitter were worried that the hamster had been dead the entire time, but instead, it was something a little weirder than that. Turns out the little girl’s hamster had escaped his cage but was found underneath the fridge.

The hamster seemed fine when retrieved and he was also fine at the vet, roaming freely and eating and drinking normally. Then, the vet checked his mouth and turns out there was a fridge magnet stuck in there. The poor little guy was magnetically stuck to his cage the entire time. Big relief for his owner, of course.

Twitter, of course, had a variety of reactions to the funny story, with most being scared of the outcome for the poor animal. One Twitter user explained their feelings about the story, saying they expected worse but wound up surprised by the outcome and the emotions they are currently feeling.

Some users don’t even believe the story is real, but the original tweet has received over 140,000 retweets and 300, 000 likes. Many responded with, “Kat, you’re famous now!” to the original tweeter, to which she responded with, “MY PHONE IS DYING HELP.” No one said going viral was easy, that’s for sure.

We’re just thankful that the hamster is okay and that little girl didn’t lose an important friend.

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