Guard Ignores Boy, But Look What He’s Doing With His Left Hand

With the Holidays quickly approaching, televisions become flooded with endearing commercials that embrace the joyful spirit of the season. However, there’s one classic 90s Christmas ad that has recently resurfaced to tug at the heartstrings all over again.

Many will remember the adorable Marine Corps ‘Toys for Tots’ commercial that initially ran back in 1997. The celebrated advertisement features a wishful young boy approaching a lone Marine guard and asking him if he’s Santa Claus.


Toys for TotsYouTube / Marines

The Marine guard stays in character, remaining still and unresponsive, until the boy pulls out his Christmas list in hopes that he’ll bring him gifts. In a tender moment for anyone who watched television in the late 90s, the Marine guard slyly reaches out his hand and takes the boy’s Wishlist.

The commercial was created to promote the Marine Corps Reserve’s “Toys for Tots” program, which began back in 1947. While there have been countless holiday themed ads since, this nostalgic advertisement has been making rounds on the Internet once again.

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“Toys for Tots” is a program that runs annually to help distribute toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts during the holiday season.  

The charitable organization has collected and distributed more than 512 million toys since the program started almost 70 years ago.

Since the memorable commercial resurfaced on the United States Marine Corps’ official YouTube page, it’s received almost 3 million views and counting.

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