20 Hilarious Posts Married People Will Totally Relate To

No one quite understands married life unless they’re in it, I’m sure. It’s like a whole other separate world consisting of only you and your spouse. There’s arguments, laughs and inside jokes. While everyone’s lives are certainly different, there are a lot of unique scenarios most married couples can relate to. Internet users have taken to Twitter to post all about their #MarriedLife with their husbands and wives.  

Living with anyone can be hard and all marriages have their ups and their downs. There’s good days and bad. But, at the end of it all being married is like having a best friend for life. A partner to be on your team and someone to be there when you need them. You’ve got to laugh at yourself and make light of situations in everyday life like these posters have.

If you’re not married, check out what #MarriedLife is all about in these 20 tweets. If you are married, there’s no way you can’t relate to these.

1. Some of us like to make the bed, others don’t see the point. Clearly, this married couple has come up with an interesting compromise. Does being made into the bed mean you can get away with staying there all day? Sign me up.

2. Everyone needs their alone time, and when you’re married with kids the shower might be one of the only places you get it. There’s no time for hanky panky when there’s a steamy hot shower away from the madness waiting for you.


3. It looks like this couple’s got to sleep with one eye open around their morbid children. Parents always do say to have plans for the future though, right? I guess they don’t mean that far ahead.

4. One minute you’re staring lovingly at your spouse like they’re an angel drifting into a peaceful slumber. The next minute you’re seriously contemplating suffocating them with a pillow. Love is a crazy ride, isn’t it?

5. Many people take pride in their homes and don’t want any guests coming over if anything is out of place. The house might be smoldering to the ground but as long as no one’s judging you for a cluttered home, that’s all that matters.

6. The ultimate date night in, Netflix and chill. The actual meaning of Netflix and chill, guys. There’s nothing like spending quality time with your spouse watching everything the ‘Flix has to offer. You might not remember any of the movie info, but luckily a brief description is all it takes for your honey to remember. After all, they’re the only person you ever watch movies with.

7. When your wife asks the question, “Is that what you’re going to wear?” it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s not just an innocent question. What she really means is “Change now or don’t be seen with me”.

8. Everyone has their own opinion of wants versus needs. This doesn’t become more obvious than when you’re married. Sharing a bank account can be tricky. Wives give their husbands flack for buying video games, and husbands don’t understand how wives can spend an entire paycheque at Sephora.

9. In a marriage, the littlest inconvenience can spark the biggest arguments. When you’ve both had a long day at work and one kitchen utensil is preventing you from making a grilled cheese sandwich, the battle is on!

10. When you first meet, every night you get to spend together consists of snuggles and kisses. Once you’ve been married for a while, getting the whole bed to yourself is unheard of. The odd time it does happen, it’s a treat!

11. Men tend to get confused with a lot of things concerning home decor. “Why do we only get to use these plates when guests are over?” And, “What’s the point of having pillows everywhere if they’re meant for decoration not napping?” I guess I can understand the confusion.

12. It’s the little things, right? Domesticated excitement doesn’t involve any thrill-seeking. All it takes is a little “thinking of you” gift when you’re out running errands to excite your spouse. Or, maybe go really wild and buy a new coffeemaker.

13. Everyone tells little fibs here and there. When husbands are lying to their wives, the wives always seem to know. Are they psychic? Can they read minds? Nope, men just happen to be really bad liars.

14. Now, this is understandable for all dog parents. Your wife can comprehend that you’ll be home after work. Dogs, on the other hand, need a little more reassurance (or at least we think they do). You’ve got to give them a hundred kisses and tell them you’ll be home soon or they might think you’re leaving them forever!

15. The only excuse for being tired is working more hours than your spouse, according to marriage rules 101. If you want to complain about being tired on your day off while your husband or wife had to work all day, just keep the comments to yourself.

16. This couldn’t be more true. No one keeps an inventory of stuff at home like wives do. They also keep a mental note of exactly where everything is. So husbands, before you go claiming someone needs to buy more ketchup, you’d better double and triple check.

17. Being married is like getting to spend every day with your best friend. You’re lying if you say you’ve never texted your bestie sitting next to you to avoid other people hearing your conversation. Just make sure you’re set to silent so that it’s not so obvious.

18. You get to know a lot about someone when you’re married. And I mean A LOT. Like the way the bathroom smells after they’ve eaten Mexican food. A little too much information? I think so too.

19. Just because someone is a stay-at-home parent, doesn’t mean they do nothing all day. Well…maybe sometimes, but it’s well deserved. This man surprised his wife by taking the day off, maybe she should have surprised him right back by doing the same.

20. “Don’t let me have these, no matter how hard I beg!” I guess this woman is eating her words instead of candy, unfortunately. Think long and hard before you force your husband to hide sweets around the house.  

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