Man Attempts To Vape A Tide Pod And It Does Not Go Well

Ill-advised challenges are no stranger to the world of social media, but the latest Internet trend of eating laundry detergent pods has introduced a new low of idiocy. The viral challenge has seen a number of attention-hungry people videotape themselves biting into Tide pods, however, one man took things even further by deciding to vape one.

Despite the warnings from health experts and Tide themselves, the “Tide Pod Challenge” has yet to die. For whatever reason, people are continuing to post clips of themselves willingly biting into the poisonous pods. Procter & Gamble probably never thought they’d have to broaden their “keep away from children” package cautioning.

Naturally, as is the case with any viral sensation, one person decided to jump on the trend bandwagon and one-up the stupidity already on display. A man recently shared a video of himself attempting to smoke the liquid from a Tide pod, which predictably, did not go great.

The video, which was uploaded to the Instagram page Vape Tricks, shows the man piercing a hole into one of the pods and then squeezing the liquid soap into his vape pen. He then proceeds to inhale the detergent only to start uncontrollably coughing due to the toxic contents.

After the initial coughing fit, the video goes on to show the vape enthusiast showing off some of his smoke-blowing party tricks. With no further sign of repulsion, this guy either learned to acquire the taste or went sans liquid detergent for his little slow-motion showcase hopefully, the latter.

The pod vaper then followed his video by posting a PSA to warn copycats to not attempt trying to vape Tide pods, which shouldn’t be necessary, but then again, the challenge that inspired this video does exist.

Assumingly due to the backlash, Vape Tricks ended up taking the video off of Instagram, however, that hasn’t stopped the footage from circulating around the Internet. Hopefully, this is the final nail in this trend’s coffin, but if people start injecting the pod’s gels, would anyone really be that surprised?

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