12 Viral Photos That Will Totally Creep You Out


There are a lot of weird things that happen in the world, but ever since the Internet came along people are always saying “PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.” Without pictures who would believe in things like:

  • The Loch Ness Monster
  • Ghosts
  • Sasquatch

After snapping a photo of something paranormal or weird, you just have to upload it online! Nobody is going to believe your story until you have proof of it. Thank goodness we have cameras.

But phones aren’t just used to document the unbelievable, they can be used to showcase the weirdest things that the world has to offer. In this gallery you’ll get to see some of the weirdest things that went viral online. 

When you’re driving on the road you should never have your phone out. You could kill someone. But if you happen to see something ridiculous like this then get the passenger to snap a photo for evidence. What is this guy doing?!


Losing stuff sucks. People try and help by asking you “Well, where was the last place you put it?” Um… if I knew then I would’ve found it by now. But sometimes you just have to look a little bit harder because it could just be right in front of your face.


McDonald’s is a good fast food joint to hit up when you’re starving and on a budget. But it appears that the burgers and fries aren’t the only things that she’s eating. 


Disney princesses are usually seen as elegant and graceful. Although these girls are wearing their princess dresses, the photo as a whole looks a little loopy. 


When your family is out of town and your friends are too busy to hang out for drinks, life can be a little lonely. If you want some company you’re going to have to make your own buddy.


Kids and grandparents might come from completely different generations but that doesn’t mean they can’t find some common ground. Everybody likes a good mirror selfie! 


 Who needs a bed full of flower petals to look seductive? If you want to look fresh for your bae then just lie on some cheese and you’re good to go.


Ever had a stray animal break into your house? Instead of freaking out and doing everything you can to get rid of it, why not embrace the animal instead? This person seems to love their new friend.


Don’t you dare tailgate this car. The moment you get into a fender bender then you’re going to get some sort of incurable disease. You  might want to drive about 5 seconds behind this vehicle.


There is just so much going on here. Is this man suppose to be Jesus? Where are the orphans? What is he doing with that fish? What is going on here?! Too many questions and so little answers.


 “This morning I saw Darth Vader  unicycling downtown while wearing a kilt and playing some bagpipes.” Nobody would ever believe that sentence until you whipped out your phone. 


Now this is just some weird optical illusion. At first glance you might think you see an exposed read end but really it’s just a woman’s thigh. Mind tricks are confusing.


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