Girl Tries To Scam Tinder Date For A Free Fancy Dinner But He Turns The Tables On Her

Anyone who is still single in 2018 has definitely gone on some bad Tinder dates. It’s almost become a rite of passage for millennials and other young people to go on what they might consider the worst Tinder date ever. There are plenty of Tinder horror stories out there, but that’s just the cost of modern online dating.

One Imgur user going by the name minilogo37 posted his own experience on a bad Tinder date, and people have responded telling him he handled the situation pretty well considering how bad it was going. As far as bad Tinder dates go, minilogo37s probably could have gone a lot worse, but it’s still a reminder that you can never really be sure of someone until you meet them in real life.

Although minilogo37’s story amounts to possibly the worst Tinder date you could find yourself on, there are plenty of people who have actually had worse experiences while seeing someone they met on Tinder. Saying they “met” on Tinder might actually be an overstatement since there’s only so much you can glean from a picture, a description, and possibly a brief chat. Plenty of people has gone online to share stories of bad Tinder dates.

The story of minilogo37’s Tinder date starts innocently enough. It even seems optimistic, as he received a “superbike” from a girl and had started chatting. They even decided that they would go on a date, the first step in a successful Tinder relationship.

Did you ever go on a date and immediately know that it wasn’t going to be good? That’s pretty much what happened to minilogo37 when he met up with this girl at the restaurant.

If this story is true, then it seems like this girl was really just craving a good meal, and thought she could bilk a guy out of his money to get it. However, this girl didn’t count on minilogo37 being the kind of guy who doesn’t allow himself to be walked all over. His plan may have been inelegant, but you can’t argue with the results. 

While minilogo37 had his own terrible date, there are plenty of people who have had bad Tinder dates and are willing to share. One Reddit user had some bad conversation that led to some irritating phone calls later on.

Some people on Reddit had so much bad luck with Tinder that they actually had multiple stories of Bad Tinder dates. That just seems to be the reality of using a dating app, though.

Has Tinder led to some relationships that work? Almost certainly, but there are also strange stories where Tinder relationships started off on the completely wrong foot.

Sometimes you have to deal with terrible people on Tinder before you even get to the date. At least a bad message will let you know when to just shut things down.

There are other times when it’s not about what people say on Tinder or write in their profile, it’s what they leave out that actually becomes the important information.

This being the internet, there is also the chance that you’re going to swipe right on someone who has been low-key stalking you. For what reason? You might not want to find out.

Then again, you could get a message that isn’t gross or too forward. It might just be a really polite request to commit a felony together.

Some people are just prepared for the worst on Tinder, but that ends up making them look creepy to the person they are on the date with. What this woman did to this guy seems to like it may have crossed a line in a big way.

Of course, out there among all the bad Tinder dates, all the terrible experiences with modern online dating, are the stories that everyone wants: the good first date that turns into the real thing. It is possible, but it’s definitely not always easy to find.

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