Girl’s Eye View: Most Hated Menswear Pieces

As a fellow guy, I can admit that I am a bit more biased when it comes to my fashion style. I’m sure I’m not alone in that department; many guys take pride in their style and have a “who cares” attitude when it comes to criticism.

I applaud that, but when it comes to gaining the attention of a woman, what you wear has a big impact on that.

With that, below is a list of the most hated menswear pieces according to women, that are being worn in today’s society.

Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans were very popular in the 70’s era, now it appears they have made a dramatic comeback. It appears though that women all across the globe are not a fan of the skinny jeans style. It’s not that they hate the style; they just hate how tightly fitted men get their jeans. One woman, Dimitra, who is from Athens, told Fashion Beans that men need to choose the “right” amount of skinny.


Casual Waistcoats: Helen, who is a PR Executive, told Fashion Beans that she absolutely hates casual waistcoats on men. She remembers that she flirted with a man who was casually wearing one and it reminded her of her old history teacher. Waistcoats are very stylish pieces that go well with a well-tailored suit. So if you’re planning on wearing one casually, you might end up looking like Helen’s old history teacher.

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Fashion Necklaces: Martha tells Fashion Beans that when it comes to fashion necklaces hanging down from a man’s neck, they’re ridiculous. She adds that men who wear the rosary beads are just looking for attention. I would agree with her statement; rosary beads are meant for religious purposes, not a fashion statement. Martha says that when it comes to necklaces, less is more.

Three-Quarter Trousers: Lily tells Fashion Beans that after a long summer of viewing some of the worst menswear pieces, she came to the conclusion that she hates three-quarter length trousers the most. She says that any pair of trousers that can be qualified as sporty should never be three-quarter in length.


Over-Branded Jeans: Aleisha told Fashion Beans that there is nothing worse than seeing a man wearing an expensive pair of jeans that have been over-branded. She compares this style to a 1990’s boy band.


The Over Muscular Look: It’s only natural for men to show off their body, especially if they’ve worked hard for it. There is this misconception that women love men who show off their muscles. But based on what Jenny told Fashion Beans, this may not be the case. Jenny says that she hates men who wear the tight, low cut V-neck shirts. What has been said to be a turn-on for women may actually be a turn-off.

Shoe Trainers: For this menswear piece, Fashion Beans decided to contact an older woman, one they were familiar with. Jacqueline, who had raised one of their assistant editors, told them that shoe trainers were at the top of her list. I suppose you can’t argue with a mother, who has spent years dressing her children.


White Socks: Sophia Chang, who is a designer and illustrator for Staple Design, says that she can’t stand men who wear white socks with really nice shoes. Personally, I agree with Sophia. When you’re wearing really nice shoes, you don’t want your white socks stealing the show; especially if a nice suite is complementing those shoes.


Beanies: Naturally, beanies were meant to be worn as a means of keeping your head and ears warm during winter. But now, beanies have become a fashion trend for every occasion, especially for men. But Stephanie Singer, who is a Market Editor for Bullet Magazine, says she’s tired of these fashion beanies.


Fake Leather Clothes: Genuine leather is expensive, but looks tremendous when worn properly. Fatima B, who is a Celebrity Stylist for, says that she can’t stand when men decide to wear cheap variations of leather that have obviously been sewed half-fast. She also adds that she can’t stand when the leather that is used looks like plastic.

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Flip Flops: Celebrities know best when it comes to fashion. So when Maluca Mala, who is a musician and recording artist, says that she absolutely hates flip flops, and there is some merit to it. She says that men who have “jacked up feet” need to refrain from wearing flip-flops.


Fedoras: I’ll admit, when I was younger, I absolutely loved wearing fedoras. I was obsessed with the gangster and mob era and the clothing they wore. So I was disappointed when I heard that this is one piece of menswear that women hate. Anita Herrera, who is a publicist and stylist, says that a fedora on men screams “meet me at the club for some EDM.”


Drop-Crotch Pants: Out of all the menswear pieces I’ve worn/heard of; this is one piece that I didn’t know was still being worn. Hana May, who is the founder of Hearty Magazine, says that women do not like a man who has “too much drop in his crotch.” I would agree with her; those types of pants look very lazy in my opinion.


All Leather Outfits: So we have had one woman say she hates cheap leather, now we have another woman say that she hates men that wear head-to-toe leather. Joy Claire, who is a marketing manager at One Distribution, says that she is tired of seeing men wearing outfits that are all leather. She adds by saying that the only thing she wants to see dressed in head-to-toe leather is a cow.

Foamposites: Chelsea Ciara, who is a model, says that she absolutely hates the Nike Foamposites. In my opinion, I think they look like more of a collectible type of shoe and not an everyday type you would wear.

Camo Cargo Shorts: Karen Civil, who is the Brand Ambassador of Civil Clothing, says that she is tired of men showing up to high-class events wearing cargo shorts. She adds that cargo shorts seem to be the staple piece of clothing in a man’s closet.

Short Shorts: Genius Beauty reports that women do not find the hairy legs and short shorts style attractive at all. They believe that short shorts should be left for the gym or a bike ride. They add that having knee high shorts is an attractive look.


T-shirts With Slogans: If you’re looking to attract the right woman, you might want to refrain from having an obnoxious joke on your t-shirt, says Genius Beauty.


Belts With Large Plaques: In the past, men would wear belts that had large plaques on them. This style is comparable to the western style that we see in movies; where the cowboys wear a belt with a large star on them. But Genius Beauty states that style is not out-of-date.


Baggy Suit: I for one can’t stand a baggy suit. I believe a nice fitted suit can make a man look irresistible to any woman. But a baggy suit will draw attention away from a man, says Genius Beauty.


Men In Pink: According to Genius Beauty, most women find that men wearing a lot of pink clothing is too “metrosexual” for them. They find that most men do not look attractive in pink.


Pieces of Clothing Women Love On A Man: I’ve mentioned quite a few menswear pieces that women do not love. But now let me give you a few menswear pieces that women want to see on a man. The first one according to Real Men Real Style is a ‘well-fitted suit.’ A well-fitted suit not only yells sexy, but it also shows sophistication and that you’re willing to put an effort into your appearance.


Stylish Footwear: Real Men Real Style states that having a nice pair of shoes to go along with your outfit shows that you pay attention to the small details of style. They also state that women can tell by the look of your shoes what type of guy you could be. If they’re flimsy, it could show that you’re cheap­ – if they’re worn out, it may show that you just don’t care.


A Nice Watch: In an era where people just use their smartphones to check the time, a nice watch is still appreciated by most women, according to Real Men Real Style. A nice watch will catch the attention of a woman, and it will also show that you pay attention to the smaller details of your outfit.


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