Young Girl Has A Crush On A Boy, But It’s Her Grandma’s Advice That Has People On The Internet Laughing

Young Girl Has A Crush On A BoyKatie Stauffer

When you’re young, it’s hard to know what to do about crushes, and so often it’s helpful to ask an older family member. One Instagram famous youngster did just that, asking her grandmother how to woo her crush in a video that has the internet in stitches.

Mila Stauffer, a 2-year-old social media personality famous for her funny short videos where she talks about everything from her “boyfriend” Sawyer to her disappointments at Disneyland, recently recorded a video of her Facetiming her grandma for help in getting in touch with her celeb crush, Justin Bieber.

And her grandma responds hilariously. In the short, scripted video, Mila’s grandmother starts off asking if she needs help saving for her 401K, before going on to give her some advice that, while not serious, is seriously adorable.

Her grandma suggests everything from writing J Beebz a love letter to buying him a fidget spinner, and even suggests inviting the famous musician out to “bingo and chill.”

When little Mila despairingly asks if her grandmother thinks she’s George Washington, Grandma jokes that she used to date him.

But the best moment comes near the end when Grandma suggests that Milla “slide into his DMs” with a joke.

The punchline? “Hey baby, you’d better call Life Alert, because I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up!”

This isn’t the first funny video made by the pint-sized social media prodigy. The daughter of Instagram-famous Katie Stauffer, Mila has been starring in adorable videos for months.

She’s famous for her trendy vocab (throwing around phrases like #goals and extra on the regular) and her very pronounced opinions (makeup? yes! fantasy football? no!)

But people are also loving her sincere love for the other members of her family (even if she sometimes blames her sibs for things that she clearly did).

Let’s hope this adorable little actress keeps enjoying her passion!

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