25 Coincidences That Couldn’t Possibly Have Happened

There are coincidences that happen everywhere, all the time. If we have one of those keen eyes to notice when these instances are happening we are usually shocked, and almost always laugh. Below is a list of random coincidences that people caught and captured. They are such remarkable concurrences of circumstances that we have a hard time believing that these coincidences are real.

1. The Wrecked Window: The owner of this store will not be happy when he finds out someone broke his glass door. But we can’t help but notice that the door which remains has the word “rekt” on it. Though this is not the correct spelling of “wrecked”, it sure sounds a lot like it. Due to the strange coincidence of this event, it’s hard to believe that this actually happened.

2. The Questionable Word Search: When you think of oven-baked sandwiches, thoughts of parmesan and tuna come to mind. Yet, this word search had questionable words hidden within such as house pets we might have. For the sake of house pets everywhere and their owners, we hope this word search is definitely a coincidence.

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