Social Anarchists Share Stories About The Little Ways They Mess With Us

We should all strive to do our best to make society a better place, but not everyone feels like a ray of sunshine on a daily basis. Sure, we all feel warm and fuzzy inside when we do something good for someone else. However, sometimes doing something slightly mischievous can bring a sensation that’s equally as rewarding.

There’s a little scoundrel in all of us that can sometimes come out to play in very subtle ways. There doesn’t even have to be a motive for these tiny ill-intended acts of misfortune, sometimes it’s just for our own twisted personal enjoyment. One Redditor asked the community what small thing they’ve done to make society a little bit worse, and the responses are gloriously insidious.

1. Defying Orders: “I apologize in advance if this grosses anyone out, but in fast food, you never know what kind of scumbag will be making your sandwich. Back when I was working at Wendy’s, we had chicken sandwiches that would come with a special honey mustard sauce on them. We had the sauce in a tiny squeeze bottle because it didn’t get used that often. The manager who trained me in sandwich construction was adamant that to pour the proper amount of honey mustard, you had to make a ‘W’ for Wendy’s that covers the entirety of the top bun. Whenever the manager wasn’t looking, I’d always make it an ‘M’ because my name is Matt.” (Reddit user: calcuttacodeinecoma)

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2. Extra Number: “At the last office I worked at there was one of those mechanical lock things that have number pads to enter a code. I would always press a random number after going through it just so the next person would get the code wrong and they’d have to enter it again. Sometimes I’d stick around for a bit just to watch it happen. It always cheered me up.” (Reddit user: snowmonkey_ltc)

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