25 Criminally Underrated Superhero Movie Heroines That Deserve Their Own Solo Films

We are used to seeing our beloved superheroes hold their own films, but most of them have been men. We think it’s time we get more female superhero stand-alone films. When you look at some of these superhero heroines there are a lot who deserve their own film. Below is a list of 25 criminally underrated superhero movie heroines that deserve their own solo films.

1. Rogue: The original X-men films really started the whole comic-book-to-film adaptation craze. One of the stand-out characters from those X-men films was Rogue. She had such an interesting backstory and a compelling power and we were always left wanting more. When she was left out of X-men: Days Of Future Past a lot of fans were upset. We really do believe that Rogue is a superhero heroine that deserves to have a solo film.

2. Xena: Warrior Princess: For the fans of the TV series it was a major blow when this show stopped putting out new episodes. There has been some talk amongst fans about Xena having her own film if the character was ever to come back. Lucy Lawless, who played Xena, tweeted back in 2013 that she was interested in coming back and reliving that character all over again.

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