20+ Incredibly Lucky Shots By Probably The Best Street Photographer In The World

The subtle art of street photography is no easy feat. You have to be incredibly skilled with your art, you need a great sense of timing and above all, you need to have an incredible vision for your craft.

That said, photographer Pau Buscato est-street-photographer-ever has mastered the art of street photography, with a series he calls “Hopscotch” according to his website profile. The series features marvelously timed captions of the world around Pau, with some of the greatest candid shots that capture moments in time that are amusing, beautiful, and stunning. Pau’s vision was to look at the world through a child’s eyes, with playful wonder. Each photograph is unique to a particular situation, location, and subject, all thanks to Pau and his unique vision.

Pau is originally from Barcelona, but according to his website, he is currently living in Oslo, Norway. According to Pau, his approach to Street Photography is: “Very intuitive and I’ve always liked to let my work grow freely, without me forcing any direction or themes. It’s a very open process that demands full awareness and fresh eyes, to see the ordinary things of our every day not just for what they are, but also for what they can become when photographed.”

The following 20+ photos really show off Pau Buscato’s talent and ability to paint a picture using his camera. They are a testament to the magnificent art of street photography, granting us all a look through the eyes of Pau Buscato.

1) Man In The Clouds: Here, Pau has captured a moment in time where a man is walking down the street in the process of using his vape pen. What’s unique about this moment, is Pau’s timing when the vapors erupt from this man’s lungs, enveloping his head, giving it the appearance of being lost in a cloud.

2) Piece Of Cab: In this miraculous shot, Pau has captured a moment in time where a person walking by with a parcel that just happens to be the exact color and shape of a patch of metal on the back of this cab. It’s almost as if the person stole a piece of the cab and is walking off with it. Amazing!

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