25 Things You Never Thought You’d Live To See

Hello and welcome all to the Bestie museum of pictures on the Internet. Due to the overwhelming amount of pressure but on by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Ghosts, we repurposed our Rock and Roll museum so that it’s now a safer space. No exploitation of the dead here, we swear! Anyways, thank you for choosing to take the tour today. Please keep all hands and feet to yourselves during the tour and mean comments about the tour guide’s weight will result in loud, incessant sobbing. If there are no questions, let’s begin!

1. Bliss. Our first Internet picture shows the guy who took the iconic Windows desktop picture holding the aforementioned picture in front of the place where he took it. Truly this is a piece of nostalgia that is certain to get likes. I mean that is certain to hit you right in your good ol’ nostalgia bone.

2. Dear Golly Graces! Our second exhibit features what car crashes use too look like in the 20s. Back then you see color had yet to be invented, so car crashes often looked black and white, or at the very least some shades of grey. How many shades of grey you ask? I’m not sure, I’m color blind. 

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