20+ Funny And Cute Dog Snapchats That Will Make Your Day

Anyone who’s ever lived with a dog knows that they’re basically the only good thing in this wretched world (cats and lizards excluded). They’re loving goofy, kind, beautiful and, yes, sometimes endearingly stupid. And all of those qualities (especially the last one) make them prime Snapchat subjects.

We collected snaps from around the internet to serve as a testament to dogs’ onscreen versatility. From funny filters to downcast darlings, these 25 puppy snapchats will melt even the most wintery of hearts!

“Yes, I’m still mad that we got the dog, even though he’s the most precious creature I’ve ever seen. I’m not swayed by his cute button eyes, or his dainty little paws, or the way he licks my hand to greet me when I’m home, or the way he falls asleep next to me, face all scrunched up like he’s … wait a second, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah, I’m still mad.”

Laugh if you like, but this is basically an early version of the raincoat, as invented by someone without opposable thumbs. And this dog’s not only smart, he’s kinda stylish. The elegant brown cloak, with the blue trim, draped out behind him? Gorgeous. Wow. 10/10. I love it.

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