25 Bizarre Inventions That Never Stood A Chance

There are some inventions that have enriched our lives and that we consider to be great. These great inventions are the automobile, planes, cell phones, shoes, and things like that. Then there are some inventions that are really bizarre and you wonder why they were invented to begin with, such as motorized roller skates.

Below is a list of 25 bizarre inventions that never stood a chance.

1. The Aqua Bike: Urbo.com states that this Aqua Bike was invented in Paris in 1932. This bizarre invention was built to cycle on land or through the water. We are not sure why someone would want to cycle through water, which is why this bizarre invention never stood a chance. Not only were people not interested in cycling through water, but for people who weighed more than 120 pounds, the bike couldn’t support you.

2. Motorized Surfboard: For those of you who don’t know how to surf this might have been the perfect bizarre invention for you. Cafejunky.com states that there used to be a motorized surfboard that would require no surfing knowledge to operate. All you would have to do is stand up straight and let the motor do the work.

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