25 People That Made Their Disability Humorous

The old adage goes: ‘when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.’ We can’t all be dealt four aces, so it’s more how we play our hand than the cards themselves.

A disability is a very general term that is meant to indicate any physical, mental, sensory or cognitive condition that can limit full participation in life. As per the statistics done by the Rick Hansen foundation show, approximately 15 percent of the world, which amounts to 1 billion people, live with some sort of a disability. This group is considered to be the world’s biggest minority group and one that anyone can become a member of at any time. It is estimated that around the world, 40 percent of people know someone with a disability in their immediate circle of friends or family. So given this giant group of people, it should be no surprise that you have met or seen someone with some form of a disability. But having a disability doesn’t necessarily mean missing out on fun or being depressed, there are still plenty of things to do and a life to live. So here at Bestie, we have compiled 25 instances where people with disabilities were able to poke fun at themselves.


1. With a number of people on Tinder these days it is almost essential to have a great bio. A witty, charming, and entertaining bio will not only filter out the ‘bad apples’ but it will also generate some good laughs. You have to be a really special type of person to have such an amazing sense of humor about your disability!


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