Controversial Scene From Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Is Not In The New Movie––This Is Why

Stephen King’s It has known fame since it first hit bookshelves in 1986. It spent 14 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list before Tim Curry took on the role of Pennywise in the 90s TV series adaptation.

Since then, those who grew up watching Curry’s terrifying portrayal of the clown (who are already creepy enough, thank you) were probably relishing in the fact that they wouldn’t have to see him again.

Wrong. Director Andres Muschietti brought the nightmare back to the big screen this past weekend, where it welcomed $123 million at the box office.

Though, it’s not just the reintroduction of Pennywise that had people talking.

It was how Muschietti planned on handling the infamous scene that earned King a fair amount of criticism when he first wrote it.

Controversial Scene From Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Is Not In The New MovieImgur

*SPOILER ALERT* Well, the simple answer is that Muschietti chose to handle it by not including it at all.

The scene I’m talking about is that –  I’m just gonna come right out with it – sex scene among the pre-teens. The scene obviously has context but without giving away too much from the book, all that you really need to know is King had a reason for writing it.

Luckily Muschietti decided against putting in his adaptation, and people online were all the happier for it.

As I mentioned earlier, people who grew up scared to death of Pennywise definitely remembered him after all these years but that scene also stuck with them.

In writing it, King said that he wasn’t really thinking about the sexual aspect of it. He said that times have changed since he first wrote the scene and people are more sensitive to that kind of material.

“The sexual act connected childhood and adulthood. It’s another version of the glass tunnel that connects the children’s library and the adult library,” he added.

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