16 Tweets That Every Dog Owner Will Totally Understand


Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who prefer to surround themselves with animals than with other people. And by animals we really mean dogs. It’s true what they say: a dog is a man’s best friend.

If you’re a dog owner, you find yourself doing things that people who don’t have dogs just don’t get. Like stopping to pet every dog that walks by you, or putting on a baby voice when you’re talking to your own dog.

Owning a dog creates a special relationship between human and animal that people who don’t have dogs just don’t get. Stories and jokes about dogs will fly over their head, or they won’t amuse them as much as someone who owns a dog. We have 16 tweets for you that only dog owners will understand!

1. Only dog owners exaggerate how cute these photos really are. For those who don’t, yeah it’s cute, but whatever.


2. You apply sayings that are meant for people to your dog or dogs in general. This statement holds true if you love every dog you see.


3. You need validation not from humans but from dogs. In fact, with the dogs you meet you show them tons of love just so they’ll like you


4. When you’re reminiscing about the good times you had with your ex, and all of them involve his/her dog.


5. When you are a cat owner, but your love for dogs still pushes through. No disrespect to cats but come on, dogs are way cuter!


6. You get seriously concerned for people who say that they aren’t a dog person. You automatically start to judge them and feel sorry for them.


7. If you don’t love dogs, this photo is creepy. But for those who own a dog and love them, any girl would probably jump in this guy’s arms.


8. Again, not hating on cats, but any dog lover probably has one of the four facial features in this tweet. It’s a struggle to not cringe at the sight of a cat.


9. Sounds cheesy but dog movies, dog shows or even books that have dogs in them make you cry like a baby. Dog lovers would definitely understand this guy.


10. Forget about showing pictures of your kids, showing off your dog and secretly knowing it’s better than the other person’s dog is what it’s all about.


11. Family photos on your office desk are so cliche. It’s all about being surrounded by photos of your best buddy…and just one photo won’t cut it.


12. Leaving your dog in the car is probably the number one thing that irritates dog owners. But this is not a bad thing to do as a dog owner.


13. This guy hit it on the nail with this tweet. Any dog owner knows that just getting up and leaving the table once you’re done just won’t cut it anymore.


14. You don’t get as affected by the death of a human in a movie as you do if a dog dies. In fact, you probably would avoid movies that involve a dog getting hurt.


15. It’s your dream that one day humans can not only have the generous and positive heart of a puppy but also maybe act a little more friendly like your puppy.


16. You’re socializing at a party, talking to people and then the dog comes out. Gotta shift your priorities quickly before the dog goes to anyone else.


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