25 People Having One Heck Of A Day

So you’re having a bad day and you’re taking one down. Even after you’ve sang your sad song trying to turn it around, you STILL can’t kick those blues! Daniel Powter didn’t prepare us for this at all! Wait, let me check the lyrics real quick …(Jeopardy music)… Nope, just a bunch of useless info about needing passion and kicking leaves.

Here you go, compare yourselves to these poor losers so you can cheer up! The Germans have a word for that, I think…These are the 25 People Having One Heck Of A Day.

1. Trapped by Trolleys (North American title: Captured by Carts). This is incredibly annoying, what a bay day for this guy. Apparently, you need one Australian dollar to unlock each cart, hopefully, this poor Aussie has a bunch of change. Side note: this poster called the Australian dollar a “gold coin” which is probably the second most Australian name for it, the first being something involving a kangaroo, the nicest beaches, and Aussie rules football. Kabeaull?

2. When the moon hits your eye… If you’re sleeping on the jittery, rickety metal prison that is the subway you’re already having a pretty exhausting day. The only comfort one can possibly receive from such a tiring day is through food, yet now this person’s ticket to repose is spilled out all over the floor of a public transit vehicle. Which is pretty much up there with rubbing it all over a porta-potty then throwing it in a dumpster. Even then, it might be a little more safe to eat.

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