Here Are The 25 Things That Are Making People Less Attractive

On a daily basis, we as human beings are always making judgments, even subconsciously, about the people around us. Your appearance gives people a certain first impression, however, it should never be taken at face value, literally. Looks are one thing, but who you are and how you carry yourself as a person is just as important, and can definitely play a role in how someone will see you. There are several things that we as individuals can do that will make us less attractive, despite how one may look.

Today, I take a look at 25 things that are making people less attractive. Please note that this is based on personal opinion, along with some other scientific sources and publications, and it is meant to be a piece of advice! From your attitude to certain habits that are frowned upon, I break down the things that I don’t think seem to be working for individuals as far as appeal goes. There are certain traits and behaviors that I believe are not in your favor, and can absolutely be avoided in your everyday pursuits.

1. Your Attitude.
Attitude is absolutely important in your everyday life, and can definitely hinder the way somebody sees you. If you have a bad attitude, it is quite obvious to detect, and people will have a difficult time befriending you or wanting any sort of relationship with you. A bad attitude is easily fixable and you should work to improve it on a daily basis to ensure that you’re easy to be around.

2. Too Much Personality.
While it’s important to always be yourself and never shy away from expressing yourself, humility is important when it comes to everyday interactions. Showing off too much personality can work against you, and won’t always be appreciated by all. Although when it comes to dating, it’s natural to show off your assets and put your best foot forward, being humble is something people certainly value, too.

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