25 Genius Ideas We Can’t Believe Are Still Not Implemented Everywhere

The world needs more genius ideas. Every day, people are trying to fix the world and make life easier for everyone, and every once in a while these genius ideas catch on and become widespread. However, sometimes you only see pictures of these ideas on the internet, and you might think to yourself, “why don’t we have those where I live? When will my life become easier?” Luckily, these ideas are so great, that there’s no way they won’t catch on and someday end up where you are. If you pay close enough attention, you may see some genius ideas popping up around you, and realize that inspiration can strike anywhere. You might even begin to come up with some of your own genius ideas that make the world a better place. For now, we have these 25 genius ideas that will hopefully catch on and become widespread.

1) For those times you need some toilet paper on the go: This Brazilian company has developed a roll of toilet paper that comes with a smaller roll stuffed inside. You can take this roll with you when you’re out and about, because honestly, can you ever really trust public washrooms to be stocked with toilet paper?

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2) When you want to limit the number of kitchen tools: This chopping board is designed to fold up and be used as a handy colander as well. No more moving your chopped produce from one surface to another: just rinse it right on the cutting board and drop it into your salad bowl.

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