26 Waiters And Waitresses Share The Most Embarrassing Dates They’ve Ever Served

If you think you’ve been on some really embarrassing dates, a recent Reddit thread will put them in perspective. The thread, which asked people about the most embarrassing dates they’d ever waited tables for, is a veritable minefield of cringe. Read on for 26 of the best (or worst)!

“Couple comes in on Valentines Day – no reservation. They get seated at the bar, order some drinks and appetizers, and are sitting there chatting and laughing. Seems pretty normal. After finishing their appetizers, the guy drops to one knee, and pulls out a ring. Girl immediately shuts him down. He didn’t so much as get a word out, before she’s saying, “Nope. Nope. Nope.” Grabs her coat off the back of her chair, and is putting it on, still saying “Nope” over and over. Practically runs out of the place, does not look back.” (malackey)

“The best one wasn’t my table, it just happened next to my section. Basically, there was a man that took his girlfriend out to dinner which wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but about fifteen minutes into their date, the guy’s wife sits at a nearby table to have dinner with her mom. Five minutes later the woman sees her husband at the table with another woman…and you can imagine how that went down.” (bluescape)

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