25 People In Need Of Adult Supervision At All Times

Everyone may get older, but not everyone grows up. Most of us mature with the various rites of passage that life throws at us. However, we all know a couple of people who have managed to slip through the cracks and cling tightly to their adolescent behavior. This isn’t always a bad thing, but when it is, it’s not always easy to tell an adult that you think they need adult supervision.

It’s these fine people who may provide a good time every now and then, but they aren’t the ones that anyone is asking to house sit or take care of an important task. While most of us know this going in, there are some unfortunate few who have had to learn from experience. Here are 25 full-grown people who still shouldn’t go without adult supervision.

1. There are certain temptations in life that most of us have learned to resist, but some people out there still clearly can’t help themselves, despite being fully aware of the potential consequences. This curious man decided to test his luck by seeing if his finger could fit in one of the wall holes at Chipotle. It didn’t.

2. Most friend groups have the mom or dad of the group that keeps the other hooligans in line. Clearly, that friend was not present for this job. You get enough of the people who should be monitored together and adult supervision is no longer feasible, but an ambulance should probably be on speed dial as a precaution.

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